Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America's Sidecar Dogs

Sit Stay Ride is a Special Documentary for all Pet Lovers!

Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America's Sidecar DogsSit Stay Ride is a creative, positive and heart-warming film. As an animal lover and proud dog owner, this documentary about dogs enjoying life in the “fast lane” is truly captivating. Although I do not personally own a motorcycle or sidecar, I still feel a connection with this film.

The real life stories of motorcycle enthusiast dog owners and their rescued canines was uplifting but emotional at the same time. As I watched it, I found myself smiling, laughing, and even shedding a tear! Throughout the film, I fell in love with each individual and dog too! I was intrigued the entire time because each adventure shared was special and unique in its own way.

I love that this film is based on adopted dogs. As an animal lover, it’s amazing to watch these pups enjoy the great adventures of life riding in a sidecar. To witness them in pure happiness, enjoying nature, and having fun on the road, touched my heart to say the least! I think all pet lovers will find true joy and happiness watching this documentary. Between the stories, music, and adorable dogs featured in this film, I give Sit Stay Ride four-paws up!

Forever Home - A Holiday TAIL

Halo Pets’ Third #RescueFilm, Forever Home

Merry Christmas! Here’s a little holiday video about adopting shelter pets. Inspired by The Night Before Christmas and The Nutcracker, this #RescueFilm by Peter McEvilley shows that dreams can come true for the holidays. Presented by Halo, Purely for Pets and starring The Olate Dogs, winners of America’s Got Talent.

Perfect Litter

Perfect Litter is Purr-fect for my Cat!

Perfect Litter

I discovered Perfect Litter after doing some research online about Feline Urinary Tract Disorders. My cat, Missy, suffers from frequent UTI’s. Unfortunately, she rarely shows any signs or symptoms of the UTI’s which makes me very nervous that her condition can get worse and lead to serious health problems. When I heard Perfect Litter has an early warning alert system, I couldn’t believe it and was anxious to have Missy try it out.

Sure enough, after only a few weeks of using this litter, Missy’s urine changed to a pink color in the box, alerting me that she had a UTI. It’s AMAZING to me that a product like Perfect Litter can benefit Missy’s health and my peace of mind so quick and easy!

Perfect Litter is super light weight which makes it VERY easy to use. I’ve been using various litter brands for years, and I will say Perfect Litter seems to have the best odor control. I love that it’s made from naturally occurring minerals and is environmental friendly…That’s a BIG plus for me!

This litter is truly a miracle product that all cat owners need to have! I can tell Missy loves it too! I’m thrilled I can now monitor her UTI’s on a daily basis. Perfect Litter is simply purr-fect for our feline friends! Saves The Day!
When I heard the name,, I was instantly curious about the website. Who wouldn’t be? After creating a free accoun
t, I quickly realized how awesome and beneficial this page is for me and my dog, Harley. 

PimpMyPooch is is similar to websites like; however this site is specifically geared toward pet products – How cool! I’m always on the look out for a good deal. Now, I can browse and find great deals on various high-quality and popular pet products in one convenient place!

When I discovered that with every purchase on, a donation is made to animal charities and rescues in need, I was thrilled! I’m all for saving the animals and to have the opportunity to give back while saving money on great products is a dream come true! is creative, unique and so much fun for pet owners. I find this website very beneficial, especially now during the holiday season! Harley has been getting spoiled with all the goodies I’ve been purchasing – It’s safe to say she gives this site four paws up too! will save you money while saving dogs at the same time…It’s truly a win-win!

Dog's Best Friend #RescueFilm by Halo Pets

Halo Pets Presents Second #RescueFilm, Dog’s Best Friend

America’s Got Talent season seven winners, the Olate Dogs and their human, Nicholas Olate, star in Halo Pets’ new #RescueFilm, “Dog’s Best Friend.”

This is the second film in their #RescueFilm series created by Peter McEvilley to celebrate rescue pets and promote pet adoption nationwide. The first was “Le Sauvetage,” which debuted at the Sonoma International Film Festival in April.

In this beatnik-themed rescue tale filmed in San Francisco and Sonoma, Calif., Odysseus Dog rescues his human, Alan (played by Nicholas Olate), but they get separated while out on the road. The film follows the dog’s Homeric journey across the country to get back home to his human.

The Loving Bowl for brachycephalic dogs

My Pup and I LOVE The Loving Bowl!

The Loving Bowl for brachycephalic dogs

I’ve owned many breeds of dogs but nothing can compare to my love for pugs! I adore my pug, Patty. She makes a wonderful companion and four-legged friend. However, as many pug owners know, this breed is prone to many genetic health issues. It’s difficult to watch Patty having trouble breathing and eating.

I’m thrilled to have found a solution for her challenge during daily mealtimes. The Loving Bowl is a new product out on the market specifically designed for flat-faced pets. This product works WONDERS thanks to the slope that is designed within the bowl. I was shocked to see how quickly Patty learned to slide her food up the ridge in order to eat comfortably.

It was heartbreaking to witness Patty struggling to eat her food in a standard bowl. In the past, I would watch her slide the bowl around the room in attempt to grab the food, which would create a big mess for the both of us. Not only would her meal be all over the floor and walls, but it would be stuck in her wrinkles as well!

The Loving Bowl has been fantastic because Patty can happily eat in one spot and there’s no mess for me to deal with. Once I realized how beneficial The Loving Bowl is, I went ahead and purchased another one to use as a water bowl. I personally love the bright and fun colors these bowls come in as well. Overall, The Loving Bowl is such a simple idea and concept that truly makes a world of difference for both Patty and I. I highly recommend this product to all flat-faced parents and their canines!

Petco Foundation Halo Pets Holiday Wishes 2014

Shelters and Rescues! Apply for the Petco Foundation Holiday Wishes

Petco Foundation Halo Pets Holiday Wishes 2014

The Petco Foundation in partnership with Halo, Purely for Pets, announced its second annual holiday grant campaign, Holiday Wishes, designed to help the most dedicated animal welfare organizations succeed in their mission to save pets’ lives – at the holidays, and year round.

Qualified organizations are invited to submit their most impactful success stories for a chance to receive the winning grant award of $100,000 or a series of finalist awards ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. All entries must be submitted by Oct. 30th.

The Holiday Wishes campaign is a way for us to make holiday wishes come true for some very deserving organizations. In addition, we hope to inspire entire communities to take action and save lives,” said Petco Foundation executive director Susanne Kogut. “Every animal should celebrate this holiday season with a family, and by sharing these stories, we hope to increase the number of animals spending this holiday season in new, loving homes.”

Read the full press release.

Black lab with Foobler, the dog treat ball

The Foobler Ball is a Brilliant Dog Toy for All!

Black lab with Foobler, the dog treat ball

It breaks my heart to leave my Black Lab Harley for more than a few hours at a time. Labs are high-energy dogs and need attention, stimulation and exercise daily. Harley has shown signs of separation anxiety, which makes it that much harder to leave her for the day.  My family goes above and beyond to coordinate our schedules so that she is not alone for too long; however, there are the inevitable occasions when Harley is by herself for the day.

I’ve purchased numerous interactive dog toys for Harley but nothing compares to The Foobler! It’s truly the PERFECT toy for her and I believe there’s nothing like it on the market. What makes this dog treat ball so unique is that it’s a self-reloading puzzle. I fill it up with 2 cups of kibble in the morning, set it to release the treats at a certain time (usually I choose every hour), then a metal bell rings to let Harley know its time to play and eat. It keeps her occupied and stimulated throughout the day which is exactly what she needs when she is home alone!

At first I was unsure Harley would associate the ringing of the bell with playtime, but I should have never doubted her intelligence. Every treat is missing when I arrive home! I now notice that after a long day out, Harley’s overall demeanor has changed for the better since purchasing The Foobler. I truly believe the treat rewards throughout the day has helped distract her from her separation anxiety…It’s amazing!

Another great feature of this toy is it’s so easy to fill and clean. I’ve tried many other treat toys in the past, and most of them are a hassle to fill and impossible to clean the inside of. This ball comes apart so that it can be cleaned with soap and water, or can even be put in the dishwasher! The Foobler has made Harley a happier dog and has given my family and I peace of mind. It’s a brilliant toy that all dogs should enjoy!

Pet Expert, Dana Humphrey - Tips on apartment hunting and living with a dog

Apartment Living With a Dog

Pet Expert, Dana Humphrey - Tips on apartment hunting and living with a dog
Pet Expert, Dana Humphrey, gives us a few tips on apartment living with a dog. Many pet owners live in cities where it is crowded and can only afford an apartment to make ends meet. Dana will give you advice on what to do in order for you and your pet to have a happy and healthy life in small spaces and some great money saving tips.

Chimp Haven |

Join’s Campaign to Help Retired Medical Research Chimps

Chimp Haven |

Last year, two government decisions drastically changed the world for chimpanzees used in research and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced that they would permanently retire 310 – the vast majority – of their chimps into the care of Chimp Haven.

Chimp Haven, The National Chimpanzee Sanctuary, is currently home to 210 residents and is located in Keithville, Louisiana, about 22 miles outside of Shreveport. It was founded in 1995 by an alliance of professionals from research, animal welfare, and the pharmaceutical industry who saw the need for humane, cost-effective social housing for unwanted chimpanzees. Since 2005, 299 chimpanzees have called Chimp Haven home. Chimp Haven’s mission is to provide humane, lifetime care for chimpanzees no longer used in biomedical research, as pets or as entertainers.

Every resident of Chimp Haven has a beautiful, unique personality. Jimoh, beloved by both chimpanzees and sanctuary caregivers, recently passed away. He was born in the wild and taken from his natural environment at a young age, after which he spent most of his life in biomedical research.  Let me repeat that: he was born in the wild.

Many chimps still carry the diseases that they were exposed to as research subjects. Crystal, a beautiful female with dark black hair and white whiskers, was infected with HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Chimp Haven is the only sanctuary in the U.S. equipped to care for a large number of chimpanzees infected with HIV and hepatitis. There, expert staff ensures that Crystal receives her medications on time, delivered in her favorite food, peanut butter banana sandwiches.

The recent and wonderful announcement by the NIH places Chimp Haven, in a difficult position. To accept the new retirees, the sanctuary must more than double in size and secure the additional resources it needs for the chimps’ lifetime care. While 110 of the NIH chimps have already arrived at the Sanctuary, the fate of the other chimps is still up in the air. That is why and Alison Eastwood decided to run a crowdfunding campaign on nonprofit crowdfunding site to raise $50,000 to help pay for the care of the chimps already at Chimp Haven. is an exciting new nonprofit crowdfunding platform dedicated to helping animals and wildlife. We use innovative technology to dramatically increase donations to animal nonprofit groups who currently receive only 2% of all giving.  At Nonprofits can easily showcase their projects most in need of funding; Animal Lovers can run crowdfunding campaigns to support their favorite causes or raise money for veterinary care of pets; and Donors can have a fun and interactive experience, can take a few minutes, give a few dollars and have a big impact for animals. is free to use. It takes no percentage of donations raised through the platform, which means more money directly helps animals.

“We owe them, these self-aware, social animals sacrificed so much for the benefit of humans. They deserve the best possible care during retirement, both physically and emotionally. You can make a difference right now by donating to my project – even $5.00 makes a difference. 100% of your donation will go towards giving research chimps the life in retirement that we owe them.” Alison Eastwood.

Please, visit our campaign page to make a donation!

Sarah Timms
CEO and Founder of
“It’s our mission to increase giving to the animal welfare and wildlife conservation sector using crowdfunding technology.”