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A Happier & Calmer Dog Thanks to Prana Pets CBD Oil

CBD Oil for Pets

My dog Buster has always been a very timid and anxious animal. Unfortunately, it seems as though his anxiety is getting worse as he ages. I was a bit skeptical trying CBD oil for my dog, but after attempting many other natural remedies with not much improvement, I decided to give it a try. After investigating the Prana Pets brand, I felt very confident that their CBD oil was of the highest quality. I was happy to read it is made in America with natural ingredients. The fact that they have a 100% money back guarantee also gave me some peace of mind that they truly care if pet parents are satisfied with their product.

We have been using the Prana Pets CBD Oil for about 4 months now and what a difference it has made in Buster’s overall behavior and quality of life! Buster’s anxiety was pretty much a daily struggle our family has dealt with since day one. The main triggers would include, company visiting the house, thunderstorms/fireworks, traveling by car, or any sudden change in his daily routine. Truthfully, it felt as though any little thing could set him off. Because his anxiety was happening so frequently, we decided to administer the CBD oil daily.

It took about two weeks to really see a real improvement but now the things that would once make Buster shake and hide suddenly downgraded drastically. He still gets nervous in certain situations, especially the loud noises, but his anxiety level is on a much lower scale, which is amazing! He’s generally happier and calmer on a daily basis too. We also noticed an improvement in his energy levels. Although he has not been diagnosed with arthritis, I do believe he has some inflammation of the joints and since using CBD Oil he seems more comfortable running, jumping and playing. Our family loves this brand and I am now a total advocate for CBD Oil after witnessing such a positive change for our beloved Buster!

Pipolino Helps My Dog to Slow Down and Enjoy his Food!

Dry food dispenser

My Chihuahua, Max, has always been a very fast eater, which has caused many problems for him over the years. He normally regurgitates or vomits shortly after gulping down a meal. This has been a nuisance for me because I’m constantly cleaning up his mess around the house. I’ve also been very concerned that this rapid eating will cause other health problems in the future. Thankfully, the Pipolino dry food dispenser has changed my pup’s eating habits for the better in so many ways!

We have been using Pipolino for several months now and the product has held up very well. It’s durable and is very easy to fill with kibble. The best part is that Max loves using it! He seems genuinely happy “working” for his food. He now gets to enjoy each bite, as oppose to stuffing his face in less than two minutes and then feeling sick afterwards. I love that the Pipolino gives him something to do for an extended period of time. It keeps him busy, entertained and active. It’s fun watching him paw and play with Pipolino and then get rewarded with his kibble.

Another amazing outcome since using Pipolino is that Max lost a few pounds! This was not our intention, but I’m thrilled he’s in better shape physically.  Overall, I would highly recommend this product. There are countless benefits – especially for animals that are overweight or eat too quickly!


Dog Med Laser is a Game-Changing Product for Dogs Suffering with Arthritis

Dog Med Laster for your pet's aches and pains

I can’t express enough how thankful I am to have discovered the Dog Med Laser low level laser therapy. My 9-year-old Beagle, Lacey, has been suffering with arthritis for a few years now. It’s been very devasting to watch her mobility and quality of life slowly diminish. Dog Med Laser has helped reduce her pain significantly and I finally feel I have my active and happy dog back!

There are numerous benefits of Dog Med Laser. For one, you can’t beat the convenience. Low Level Laser therapy is typically done at the veterinarian’s office. This can often be a pricey, inconvenient and stressful procedure for pet families. Dog Med Laser brings this innovative technology right to your home. Lacey has never been a fan of the vet’s office so this was a huge bonus for us since we can do the treatments where she feels most secure and comfortable. The device itself is easy to use. We notice the best results after using Dog Med Laser twice a day.

Lacey doesn’t seem to mind getting her treatments at all. It takes us about five minutes and is completely painless! In fact, she seems to love the brush attachment which allows for me to give her a nice gentle massage during every treatment. After our first week of using Dog Med Laser, we really started to see Lacey’s mobility improve. She was able to stand up and lay down easier and had no problem climbing the stairs or going for a walk. Although there is no cure for dog arthritis; Dog Med Laser has been a safe, convenient and drug-free option that has given her back the pep in her step we have been longing for. This is a game-changing product that has been worth every penny for our senior pup! Thanks Dog Med Laser!

Oxyfresh Makes Pet Oral Hygiene Convenient With Launch of Innovative Pet Dental Spray

Oxyfresh Pet Dental Care

COEUR D’ALENEIdaho – Dec. 4, 2018 – Oxyfreshthe leading provider of safeenvironmentallyfriendly products for people and petsannounces the launch of its new Pet Dental Spray, an innovative and convenient way for fresh pet breath.Safe for both dogs and cats, this unique unflavored, alcohol-free formula features a patented blend of Oxygene® and zinc that work together to neutralize organic compounds that cause pet bad breath.  Packaged in a compact spray bottle, it is an easy, on-the-go fresh breath solution that helps prevent periodontal disease, boost overall oral health and potentially add years to their lives.

Tom Lunneborg Vice President of Product Development stated, “There is a clear need for a healthy, easy way to help improve pet dental health that isn’t limited to brushing alone. We took the best mix of science and Mother Nature to create this special formula that effectively delivers fresh breath and neutralizes bacteria at the source.

Pet Dental Spray, the newest addition to the company’s line of premium pet dental health and grooming products, is 100 percent non-toxic and is free from harmful ingredients such as xylitol, clove oil, green tea, alcohol, mint oil and other harsh chemicals or additives that can be unsafe for pets. They are only formulated with ingredients you can always feel good about.

Mariano Tellarini President shared, “ We have been helping people and their pets live happier, healthier lives for more than 30 years. Our team is grateful, humbled and encouraged by our ingredient conscious fans who chose our incredible products. The consistent and growing demand for Oxyfresh inspires us to be more creative and dedicated in our mission.

For more information about Oxyfresh and its growing family of safe, gentle, non-toxic products for pets, please visit or call a customer service representative at 800.333.7374

About Oxyfresh:

Our mission is to give our customers products that matter. We are passionate about ingredients and devolping products that don’t need to cut corners. Products that help people and their pets live longer, healthier lives with a smile. We are dedicated to creating products that are made in the USA, cruelty free, non-toxic, safe, gentle and effective.  We’ve been vet recommended for over 30 years and counting.

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Pet Krewe’s Mermaid Dog Costume was Perfect for our Pool Party!

Over Memorial Day Weekend my family hosted our annual pool party with friends, family and co-workers. We love to go all out for this event and typically decorate with lots of tropical props as a fun way to kick-off the summer. This year, we decided to include our pup Daisy in on the celebration by dressing her up in an adorable mermaid costume by Pet Krewe.

It’s safe to say Daisy was the hit of the party as she proudly marched around in this truly unique and dazzling attire! Thankfully, she had no problems wearing the costume. I was a bit concerned initially about how the seashell cups and tail would hold up, but to my surprise they fit her like a charm thanks to the Velcro strap. It stayed put all night! A really cool feature is that the sequins tail is two toned and can easily be changed with just a touch – green to blue or vice versa. Our guests thought that was pretty neat!

It seems to be made from good-quality and durable material. We are happy to get more uses out of it for future gatherings or maybe even Halloween. Daisy was an under-the-sea star, featured in many photo opts at our pool party and she loved every minute of the attention! Overall, if you’re looking to make a splash this summer, then this one-of-a-kind and beautiful mermaid costume will be sure to do just that!

Groomit is the BEST On-Demand, In-Home Pet Grooming Service!

Goomit in-home pet grooming service

I’m a busy working mom who is always on the go. Whether I’m rushing home to walk the dog or bringing my son to soccer; scheduling regular visits to the groomers was put on the backburner at one point in time. Our pup’s health and needs are a top priority. However, grooming has always been a stressful situation for him, which is another reason why we began avoiding the situation. A friend suggested a new app called Groomit. After some investigating, Groomit seemed too good to be true…but we decided to give it a go!

Groomit has been absolutely AMAZING for us. The on-demand, in-home service has made it so convenient, especially with our hectic schedules. Groomit has always arrived to our home on time, and we have loved every groomer who has walked through our door. It’s clear they live up to their word and staff qualified professionals. From my personal experience, in addition to professionals the groomers at Groomit have been kind, respectful and real pet lovers too. That is a huge plus!

The best part about Groomit is that I no longer have to witness my dog stressed. He seems to have no problem being groomed in the comfort of his home with his family around. This has been such a relief for us (and him too, I bet!). I definitely recommend this pet grooming service app to pet owners – especially for those with nervous pets. The app is easy to navigate. It’s pretty cool that with a few clicks, a groomer will show up at your doorstep. You pick the time and place and voila! We trust and love Groomit and we know you will too!



My Cat Loves Treatibles Dropper Bottle With Coconut Oil!

For years anxiety has affected my cat, Samson. I knew something was wrong with his behavior shortly after adopting him. He would hide more than normal, groomed himself excessively, and showed aggression towards people and other animals. I had him checked out by the vet; however he was very healthy overall, so anxiety was to blame for these behaviors.

Medicating was not an option because I was fearful of the side effects. Instead, I made some changes around the house and decided to try Treatibles PCR Coconut Oil Dropper Bottle. To our surprise, Samson’s anxiety improved significantly! He’s become calmer, friendlier and grooms himself a normal amount. His personality has changed for the better in many ways. It’s been a miracle to say the least! Initially I was skeptical of giving oil extracted from hemp to my cat, thinking that this could get him “high”. But after researching and understanding that Treatibles are safe, non-toxic and non-psychoactive, this put my mind at ease greatly.

I absolutely love the dropper bottles for a few reasons. For one, like most cats Samson is very finicky. However when I administer the oil he does not put up a fight, which makes me believe he enjoys the taste. It’s been much easier to administer than I expected. Secondly, I love that coconut oil is an ingredient because of the many health benefits it provides, like antioxidants. Another huge bonus; Samson recently suffered a burn.  I was thrilled to discover that this oil can be used topically. PCT and MCT coconut oil can help to manage several skin conditions like burns. Samson’s injury healed quickly and I truly thank the Treatibles oil for this.

I’m so happy Samson has taken to the MCT Coconut Oil formula. I highly recommend this product to pet owners. There are countless uses and benefits for pet’s dealing with numerous health-related conditions. Thank you Treatibles!

Shop Treatibles now.

I Love to Travel Sophisticated and “Green” with the Darien!

Darien pet carrier - A pet with paws

Whether I’m running errands locally or flying across the country, my dog is my favorite travel companion! Although he’s very well behaved on the road, I have found that lugging him and his belongings around is a bit of a headache and backache. Thankfully, this is not the case anymore because I discovered the A Pet with Paws Darien Carrier and WOW – this has been our favorite carrier yet!

I travel often for business, so I immediately was attracted to the Darien’s sleek and sophisticated design. It doesn’t scream “dog carrier” which I really like. I purchased the Pet Trek with too, and that’s been a lifesaver in airports. It’s so easy to whiz around thanks to the four-spinner wheel trolley. I enjoy using it walking through the city too.  Although I love using the Darien on its own, I definitely recommend the Pet Trek for ease of transportation.

I’m ecstatic that this bag is eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free. That’s a huge bonus since I’ve been trying to live more sustainably. Clearly, I’m excited about this product, but more importantly, my pup loves it too! He seems super comfy and content traveling in the Darien. He actually gets excited when he sees me pull the bag out of the closet – It’s adorable! Thanks to the mesh top and mesh sides he has a nice view to enjoy while we are on the go. Overall, the Darien is a fabulous, stylish, eco-conscious carrier that we absolutely love and highly recommend to other traveling pet families!

Hip Hip Hooray for Pet House Freshening Room Spray!

Pet House Freshening Room Spray

I have a Black Lab, Harley, who I adore; however her dog-smell, I could live without! Regardless on how frequently I bathe her, wash her blankets and bed, vacuum and clean the house; there is still a lingering pet odor that just won’t go away. I’m always on the lookout for fragrance products to help my home smell fresh again. I’m pleased to say the Pet House Room Spray has been the best find yet!

I only purchase items for my family that are non-toxic, safe and as natural as possible. This room spray is all of these things and more (free of allergens too!) Before purchasing, I was intrigued to read that Pet House uses an effective odor neutralizer that does not just mask the smells, but actually eliminates them. To my surprise, this spray definitely has lived up to this statement. I do NOT need to overuse in order to cover up the odor. About three sprays seem to last for an entire day!

Mango Peach has been a great summer scent for us.  It smells absolutely delicious, but luckily, it’s not too overpowering. It’s the perfect hint of freshness. Another added bonus: it’s made in the USA and there are no dyes or preservatives. In addition to Harley, I have a one year old, so using high-quality safe products is a must. My mind is put at ease thanks to this fabulous freshener. All I can say is, hip hip hooray for Pet House Freshening Room Spray!

Remembering My Cherished Pet Thanks to The One Fur All Furever Loved Memorial Candle

Forever Loved Memorial Candle

My husband and I recently had to say goodbye to our dog and it has been an extremely sad and emotional time for us. Even though months have passed since that dreaded day, we are still hurting and miss him terribly. A friend had purchased me the Furever Loved Memorial Pet Candle and this gift has truly helped my husband and I with the grieving process.

I love how vibrant and colorful the design of the candle is. The Rainbow Bridge poem has always been one of my favorites; and the décor reminds me that our departed pup is at peace and in a better place. The pet-loving words, paw prints, and other designs decorating the jar are uplifting. I can’t help but smile and remember happy thoughts of our canine when I see this candle. The “gone from my life but forever in my heart” quote on the back of jar speaks great truth. Overall, it’s beautifully designed and because the jar is reusable, I will be sure to keep and cherish it forever!

In addition to the design, the candle gives off a light vanilla scent that is extremely comforting and calming. What I appreciate most about this product is how it’s made from natural soy wax. I’m very particular with burning candles in my home because I know how dangerous and harmful many of the ingredients can be. I love that this candle is 100% soy-based and infused with essential oils. It contains no paraffin or petroleum by-products – a huge plus!

After receiving this candle as a gift, I went online to check out the entire One Fur All product line. I also purchased a few more candles for myself. I’m a big fan of this company and would highly recommend their candles, wax melts and other fragrance products to all pet-loving homes. Thanks to the Furever Loved Memorial Candle, we can feel at peace and happily remember our best furry friend.