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AKC Holiday Sweater

AKC Holiday Sweaters are PAW-fect for this Winter Season!

AKC Holiday Sweater
My dog, Nancy, looks absolutely adorable in the AKC Holiday Sweater Collection. We love them so much we purchased one in the navy blue and red color. Nancy is picky about what clothing I dress her in, but she has no problem wearing these sweaters. In fact, she prances around happy and proud whenever I put them on her.
At first glance, these sweaters have a cozy appearance that will put everyone in the winter spirit!  I love the patterns and prints on them – moose, snowflakes and a pine tree. Fun and festive for the holiday season but sophisticated and preppy too. The material is soft and warm, which is great for protecting Nancy from those cold winter days. The quality of the sweaters far exceeded my expectations!
Another fantastic feature is the leash hole on the back of sweater making it nice and convenient to head outdoors with Nancy with no hassle. The best part about the holiday sweater collection is the price. Good quality and awesome designs for just $20 makes this the paw-fect sweater to add to your dog’s wardrobe. This can be a great gift for another pet owner this year too! We are pleased with the AKC Holiday Sweater line and can’t wait to show them off all winter long!
French bulldog with trench coat

The Brown Trench Coat is Warm, Stylish & Perfect for the Fall Season!

Brown Trench coat for petsI couldn’t be happier with this adorable Brown Trench Coat and my pup Luna feels the same! Luna is a Chinese Crested Dog and due to her small size and lack of hair, it’s a real challenge to get her outdoors during those cooler days and especially in the cold months. Covering her up is a must! 
I’m always searching for doggie apparel that will keep her warm, comfortable but will also make a nice fashion statement too. This Trench Coat does just that and so much more! She has sensitive skin that’s easily irritated, but thankfully this coat is made from a soft micro fleece lining and we have had no skin problems. She seems very cozy and content in it! Luna is a tough critic when it comes to her wardrobe. She puts up a fight when we attempt to dress her in certain sweaters and coats, which indicates to us that she is uncomfortable in them. Luckily she’s always happy to put on this brown trench coat!
We receive many compliments on this coat, and people have asked questions like where I purchased it from. My favorite part is the adorable button detail. The adjustable Velcro closures is great for making sure it’s a comfortable fit for Luna’s small body. I would highly recommend this item. Now that the fall season is approaching, I can’t wait show-off this fabulous coat all while keeping my pup snug and warm! 
Pet Carrier for Corgis

New Pet Carrier just for Corgis!

Pet Carrier for Corgis

Over the past few years, Corgis have risen up the pop culture ladder making them a true internet-sensation and desirable pet. With short legs, a stocky body and a terrific sense of humor, it’s safe to say that Corgis are the comedians of the canine world. Sturdi Products Inc. has designed the XXL SturdiBag™ specifically for this special breed and both owners and their Corgis can’t seem to get enough of this innovative, attractive, and durable pet carrier. Learn more about Sturdi Products:

It’s easy to see why Corgis are one the most popular breeds today. Those who share their home with this breed describe them as intelligent, loyal, and above all, possessing the desire to please their owners. Their thick fur, stocky build and pointed ears and muzzle, give this pup an adorable yetdistinctive appearance.

Public Relations Director for the American Kennel Club, Hillary Prim, states, “The Pembroke Welsh Corgi continues to be very popular in the United States. Its happy, agreeable nature and adaptability have perhaps played a role in the breed staying consistent at the 24th most popular spot in the US over the past decade (plus or minus a spot or two from time to time).”

From a size perspective, Corgis may seem dwarfed in comparison to other dogs. They typically standing only about a foot tall at the shoulder, and weigh approximately 25-27lbs.Tthe XXL SturdiBag™ Pet Carrier is the perfect fit for these uniquely shaped pups. The bags dimensions are: 15 H x 15 W x 23 D inches.

The product features include: Designed to hold up to 50 pounds, made of durable 600 denier polyester, feather light construction, adjustable 4-point padded shoulder strap, retractable privacy flaps on all mesh windows, seat belt safety straps, interior fleece pad (included), ring inside SturdiBag for tether attachment (tether included), base board to prevent sagging, rear storage pocket and top opening for easy access. Learn more at:

Corgis may be inclined to bark often and are sometimes wary of strangers, however, a well-trained and well-socialized Corgi can be an exceptionally obedient companion. This is why traveling with your Corgi and introducing him or her to new experiences should be at the top of a pet owner’s priority list.

“Like all members of our families, we want our pets to have a safe and comfortable experience while on the road,” expresses Penny Johnson, CEO of Sturdi Products Inc.,“Whether by car, plane, train or bus, the XXL SturdiBag has been specifically designed for Corgi’s unique length, weight and size. It’s truly the perfect carrier for traveling Corgis everywhere!”

Sturdi Products has gained an international reputation for designing unique, attractive durable and adaptable products that reflect the needs of customers who travel with pets. Although the XXL SturdiBag™ is larger than most airlines size requirements, many Sturdi customers have claimed that they have used this carrier for in-cabin, airline travelfor years. All SturdiBags have a patented, award winning flex-height design.

About Sturdi Products: Sturdi Products Inc. is a Washington State corporation, manufacturing pet products since 1993. Sturdi was founded on the principle of decreasing the stress of both pets and people by designing better products for use when traveling with pets. Sturdi has gained an international reputation for designing unique, attractive, durable & adaptable products that reflect the needs of customers who travel with cats and small dogs. Since the creation of the patented flex height SturdiBag pet carrier in 1992, Sturdi now offers over 40 professional quality & innovative products. All Sturdi Products are developed with a focus on safe pet travel, emergency preparedness planning & pet show exhibition. Learn more at

AKC Pet Flotation Life Vest

The AKC Pet Flotation Life Vest is the BEST!

AKC Pet Flotation Life Vest

The AKC Pet Flotation Life Vest is a must-have for all canines who love spending time in or around the water! Pet safety near water is extremely important. Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way when my mutt Miles had a close call during our visit at a nearby lake. After this scary incident, we decided to invest in a durable life jacket.

We are extremely pleased with the AKC Pet Floatation Life Vest! I was initially attracted to the bright orange color and overall simple style. Now that we have used the vest many times at both the lake and at the pool, we are confident to say this is a fantastic, high quality product. It’s easy to take on and off, true to size, and luckily Miles seems comfortable and content in it. There are absolutely no sore spots on our pup after wearing his jacket.

When Miles jumps into the water with his life vest on, he bobs right up to the surface. I love the handle feature, which is great to use when pulling Miles out of the water is necessary. Although Miles is a decent swimmer, I now have complete peace of mind he will stay afloat. I’ve noticed he tends to stay in the water for a longer period of time, which makes me believe he feels more secure swimming with the vest on too. The quality and design of the AKC Pet Floatation Life Vest is top notch and I would highly recommend this vest for pet families who love the water – It’s the best!

Get the AKC Pet Flotation Life Vest on Amazon.

AKC Pet Flotation Life Vest

Pet Remedy

Pet Remedy Works Like a Charm For Calming Pet Nerves!

Pet Remedy

My puppy Miles is a happy dog but tends to have anxiety during certain situations. Vacuuming, car rides, and vet visits are just a few examples of when Miles seems to be the most stressed. Pet Remedy is my number one go-to product to help calm his nerves. The calming spray is easy to use, effective, and safe. I’m very particular about what products and ingredients I use for myself, Miles and for around the house, but I have complete piece of mind when using Pet Remedy. I love that this product is made of essential oils, which helps animals to relax in a natural, healthy way.

The best part is this product really works! Before car rides with Miles, I spray Pet Remedy in the vehicle and I have noticed a significant difference in his behavior while on the road. It’s been a miracle worker, making our car rides less stressful for both Miles and I. As soon as I noticed improvements in his behavior, I started to experiment with the spray. During our daily walks, I spray my boots and by doing this, Miles has been a lot calmer and peaceful. I’m VERY happy about this! I no longer dread vacuuming anymore with barking Miles following me around thanks to Pet Remedy. I simply spray his bed with the calming spray and he now relaxes in the next room until I’m done. Overall, we have had a great experience with Pet Remedy products and would highly recommend for others to try for their anxious pet too. We give Pet Remedy four paws up – It works like a charm!

Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks Saved My Lawn!

Dog Rocks

As a first time dog owner, I had no idea about urine burn until my husband and I began noticing random patches of yellowish brown spots scattered throughout our property. A neighbor had mentioned that it’s most likely lawn burn from our pup’s urine and he recommended trying Dog Rocks. After researching this common problem and reading more about Dog Rocks, we decided to give it a shot before our lawn turned into a war zone.

Dog Rocks are absolutely amazing! Since adding these natural rocks into our dog’s water bowl, no more yellow marks have appeared on our lawn. I really couldn’t believe that a simple rock could resolve this issue so quickly, but I’m so happy it did! The company has done studies to ensure Dog Rocks are safe, which gives us great peace of mind too. These rocks actually make the water cleaner for my pup, and his urine now fertilizes the lawn instead of damaging it. WOW! It’s such a simple, safe, and beneficial solution to putting an end to urine burn once and for all while saving our lawn too! All dog owners need Dog Rocks!

A Pet with Paws Pink Wristlet Poop Bag

A Pet with Paws Pink Wristlet Poop Bag Gets My “Green” Stamp of Approval!

A Pet with Paws Pink Wristlet Poop Bag

I feel it’s extremely important people make a shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Over the last year, I have been purchasing many new environmentally friendly items for both myself and my dog. I discovered the A Pet with Paws eco-friendly Pink Wristlet Poop Bag and WOW, what an amazing brand and accessory!

Before the wristlet, I would often cram all of my belongings in my coat pocket which made it feel big and bulky. On days when a jacket was not needed, I would carry these items in my pant pockets, which was not the most comfortable spot either. This wristlet is just what I needed! I can conveniently access the poop bag from the backside of the wristlet. Pull, tear and scoop! It’s the perfect size bag for walking, and in addition to carrying the poop bags, I can store my house key, cellphone, ChapStick and some treats in it too.

This wristlet is super cute and unique. I love the pink color and overall design, and have received many compliments during our daily outings. I have the option to either wear it around my wrist, or clip it onto the leash. I absolutely love the fact that the bag looks like its made out of leather, but it’s really made from recycled plastic bottles. This feature sure does make for a great conversation piece! I’m thrilled that I have found a company that creates all items that are cruelty-free, vegan, and eco-friendly, while maintaing a fashionable, classy look for myself and my dog. I’ll definitely be purchasing more accessories from A Pet with Paws soon. I highly recommend the very functional Pink Wristlet Poop Bag to all dog owners who want to “go green” in style!

Get yours today at A Pet with Paws.

A Pet with Paws Pink Wristlet Poop Bag

Pawtech Booths

Paw Tech Dog Boot Can’t Be Beat to Protect My Pup’s Feet!

Pawtech Booths

I take my pup Miles on many outdoor walks and adventures in nearby woods and often worry about his paw pads. I’ve tried several different dog booties but have encountered many problems with them all. Some boots made him walk funny, or he would attempt to bite them off. A friend recommended Paw Tech Dog Boots and it’s safe to say we found our “paw-fect” match!

The durability of Paw Tech boots is unlike any other boot we have tried. The outer nylon makes them great in the rain and the poly lining is so cozy! Miles disliked wearing other boots in the past, but he loves to put on his Paw Techs! The velcro strap is a big plus so it can keep his foot snug without falling off during our excursions.

Another great feature is the rubber sole on the bottom. No slipping and sliding on our wet deck during rain or on the ice. Whether we are facing the winter salt, summer sand, rocky terrains or the scorching hot pavements, I have peace of mind knowing Miles paws are safe, secure and comfortable with these boots. Not to mention, they are stylish and so cute on him. Both Miles and I recommend this product to all four-legged friends – Paw Tech Dog Boots can’t be beat!!


Piddle Place

Piddle Place Has Saved My Indoor Space!

Piddle Place

I am so grateful to have found Piddle Place! It has been a true lifesaver for myself and my pup Buster. Buster is an Italian Greyhound and tends to have many accidents indoors during the cold months. He shivers when it’s 50 degrees out or below and refuses to go outside. Even during the warmer months, he can’t seem to hold his bladder for more than 4 hours at a time. Accidents have occurred indoors more than I like to admit causing much frustration and damage to my floor. I was using wee wee pads but I was not a fan of the waste they produce, the smell they give off and the overall unappealing look of them scattered on the floor around my home.

I have so many great things to say about Piddle Place, I don’t know where to start! First, I was shocked with how naturally Buster took to using this space to relieve himself. Training was a piece of cake! Second, I can’t get over how easy it is to clean. I figured there would still be some odor, but to my surprise, no bad smell..It’s actually freshened the air! It’s very sanitary and no more mess – Highly recommended!

I’m environmentally conscious and it drove me crazy to waste so many wee wee pads. Not to mention, using pads were expensive. I love the fact that Piddle Place is earth friendly, and saving me money in the long run. It’s funny that I like to show off the Piddle Place to my friends and family when they come over. But I’m proud of this product and feel it’s worth showcasing. It blends in with my home decor perfectly. Although I’m a firm believer of regular walks, Piddle Place has been an amazing backup plan for those occasions I’m not home or Buster refuses to go out. No more messy accidents -Thank you Piddle Place for saving my floors and indoor space!


Kaleb's Organice Dog Treats

Four Paws Up for Kaleb’s Organics Dog Treats!

Kaleb's Organice Dog Treats

I’ve recently changed my lifestyle to a more organic, natural and healthy diet, so it only made sense to do the same for my pup, Harley. Harley can not get enough of Kaleb’s Organics Dog Treats! She’s a picky treat eater, but loves all the Kaleb’s flavors, especially the Pizza Fusion. The ingredient list is pretty top notch! No preservatives and all-natural is the way to go.

I have to admit, because they are human grade I did taste one – not bad! It feels great to treat Harley to a snack that is made right here in the USA, has numerous health benefits, and she absolutely loves and gobbles up every time. I often find Harley sitting by the cabinet where they’re stored in – It’s really ridiculous, but so cute!

I’m a cautious shopper when it comes to looking for safe, healthy and high-quality dog treats. USDA Certified Organic is an important stamp I look for when shopping. Unfortunately, there have been too many recent horror stories about treats made elsewhere. I’m proud to say Kaleb’s have become a staple in my treat pantry because of their quality. The price is great and the reaction on Harley’s face when I pull out a bag of Kaleb’s is priceless. We give these safe and yummy treats four paws up!

Website: Kaleb’s Organics