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Dogs Love Kale

Dogs Love Kale Has Harley Wagging Her Tail!

Dogs Love Kale

When I switched my diet to an organic and all-natural lifestyle, I decided I must do the same for my Black Lab, Harley, too. I began researching healthy food/treat options when I discovered Dogs Love Kale. I love that this brand only contains a few ingredients in each bag of treats. There are no preservatives or additives, but instead only natural and wholesome ingredients. Another plus is that Dogs Love Kale is certified Made in the USA. This gives me great peace of mind and security when rewarding Harley with a kale treat!

Harley has tried all flavors but her favorite is the Apple Crisp. It’s such a relief to have found a dog treat that is all around healthy and apparently delicious too! She goes bananas every time I pull out the bag which proves to me they must be as tasty as they look and smell. I was unaware of all the health benefits of kale and flax seeds for dogs until reading up on the facts. Many dog treat brands make me feel skeptical and unsure; but with Dogs Love Kale I feel the complete opposite! 

Lucky Dog Cuisine

Lucky Dog Cuisine Inc. Provides my Dog With Optimal Health and Happiness

Lucky Dog CuisineOver the last year, I’ve became very health conscious. After hearing much controversy over GMO labeling, I began to do my research. I decided to take on a healthier lifestyle and I now shop for natural and organic food and beverage products only. I pay close attention to ingredient labels and stay far away from the big food corporations.

As a pet owner, I began to think to myself… If harmful chemicals and food preservatives are in just about everything humans eat, then our pet’s food must be just as bad or far worse! I adore my dog and I decided to begin looking into healthier foods options for her as well.

I discovered Lucky Dog Cuisine online and I knew I hit the jackpot! Lucky Dog offers all natural, all-american, human grade, home cooked meals for dogs. There is nothing artificial, no preservatives, no byproducts, no coloring, and no processed food at Lucky Dog. Every meal is cooked in small batches, fresh, then frozen. The amount of positive information on the Lucky Dog page impressed and intrigued me. I decided to give it a try!

There are a variety of healthy recipes to choose from but I ordered my pup a variety pack to start. (Tail-Waggin’ Turkey and Beef & Barley are her absolute favorite!) The food was delivered right to my doorstep, which was also very convenient, and for an affordable price, too! Serving the meal was so simple – thaw and serve. I read on the website that this dog food is so good, you could eat it yourself. I was unsure about this statement, however, after seeing and smelling the food, I realized just how healthy and natural it is. I decided to try a bite and sure enough, it was delicious!

I will never go back to feeding my dog what she was previously eating. Now that she’s been on a Lucky Dog diet, I’ve witnessed a change in her overall happiness and wellbeing. Not only does she enjoy every last bite of each meal; but she genuinely seems more energetic and healthy. You can’t go wrong with Lucky Dog Cuisine… It is the BEST dog food out there! Learn more at http://luckydogcuisine.com/.