Hope the Dog Recovers Well

We have been following the story of Hope, a female mix pug who was found with a swelled tongue and snout shut tight by electrical tape in the harsh Texas weather. At first, medical personnel didn’t think she could make it but just 3 days later she was energetic and full of life. And there’s more good news!

According to CBS19, The sheriff’s department and the animal clinic both say they’re overwhelmed by the support they are receiving. Some of which has come from places as far away as London.

People have been calling into the Bowie Drive Animal Hospital in Weatherford since the story ran Tuesday. More than $3,000 has been donated to her care and to cover her medical bills. This far exceeds her bills to date; Dr. Kevin Buchanan says he’ll donate the surplus money to animal services inside the county.

People have also been calling into the local sheriff’s office as well. Hundreds called just Wednesday to up the ante on the reward money. Currently the reward is at $10,000 for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the dog’s injury.

Animal cruelty is a state felony offense. A call into the sheriff’s department this afternoon says much more money has been pledged but they can’t guarantee the bigger payoff until the money is received.

CBS 11 visited Hope Wednesday. Her vet is forecasting a complete recovery. She started using her tongue again this afternoon and even tried some solid food.

They believe by Saturday she will almost ready for adoption. She currently is under sheriff’s custody. However, she will be in foster care at one of the hospital staff’s homes.

The staff at South Bowie says almost all abused dogs that come under their care become very skittish or defensive after their trauma. Hope is none of that.

She greeted everyone who walked into the clinic with a gentle sniff and plenty of eye contact. Having meet Hope, I can tell you that this is a very peaceful and calm dog. Amazing when you think what’s been through. Hope indeed.

As her caregiver said, we can learn much about forgiveness. And (for) Hope becomes a promise, the bad days are over.

If you have any information on Hope or on the person or people who might have done this to her please call the Parker County Crime Stoppers network, 817.599.5555.

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