Pantha the Cat, Audrey Dwyer owner

Pet of the Day Round Up – Week of March 4

Last week was our first Pet of the Day week! Every Monday, Don’t Be Cruel readers will meet a round up of different featured pet chosen for his/her rescue or adoption story plus a photo of their good looks. The Don’t Be Cruel staff will chose the pet with the best story and photo. You can submit a photo of your pet on the Don’t Be Cruel Facebook page. Have two pets? Squeeze them in to one picture. All species of animals are accepted.

Jayda, submitted by Sha Sha Viruet
Jayda - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“It has been one year since Jayda adopted me. She is a companion animals advocate for the State of Ohio. Jayda travels with me to peaceful rallies for Nitro’s Law. The Nitro’s Law bill “when passed” will make animal abuse a felony in Ohio. Jayda also travels to help educate the public on unfair BSL laws. When we are at home, Jayda is my BIG snuggle bear. I’ve been blessed with her in my life.”

Pantha, submitted by Audrey Dwyer
Pantha the Cat, Audrey Dwyer owner

“Pantha and I rescued each other two years ago after I lost my boy of 16 years. She is the sweetest girl not sure how she winded up in a shelter but glad we found each other. Here is my Princess Pantha Raven saying, “Are you done putting on your makeup? I want to play!”

Bailey, submitted by Gerlie Wright Ryan
Bailey - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“This is my furbaby, Bailey. We rescued her from the Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Shelter back in August of 2008. She is a pitbull/pointer mix. She had been horribly abused as a puppy but has blossomed into a beautiful, extremely loving dog. She’s my 7 year-old son’s best buddy in the world! ♥ “

Simon, submitted by Mary Rhodus-Capek
Simon - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“This is my boy, Simon. I rescued him after losing my two year old cat Beshu very suddenly with no warning. I didn’t know if I could fill that hole in my heart. My vet had a litter of kittens that someone dumped there. I went “just to look”. I said, “Let me see a little boy.” He was there with his two sisters. As soon as they handed him to me I was done! He is a joy and I feel blessed.”

Scamp, submitted by RosieBunneh’s Channel
Scamp - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“This is Scamp! He is the newest member of the furry family and he is a young Netherland dwarf Adult! My Aunty and Uncle rescued and adopted him two weeks ago.

He had been hopping loose in a street for hours, people had been trying to catch him but were unable to. My Aunty found him under a car and caught him in a carrier, where he was brought to my house for some hay and nuggets. He’s now settled into his new home and is looking forward to the long life ahead of him!”

Bruschi & Seneca, submitted by Kimberly Meyers
Bruschi and Seneca - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“These are our rescue dogs, Bruschi (dark brown/black) and Seneca (tan). Bruschi was adopted on day 4 out of 5 at a kill shelter in North Carolina when he was 7 months old. He had been in and out of shelters since he was 8 weeks old and his most recent “family” had dropped him off at this shelter because “he chews” – well, yes – he is a puppy, it’s what they do!! Adopting him from that shelter was one of the best decisions I ever made! He is an amazing dog, so loyal and SO smart! Anyone’s best guess is that he is some sort of Lab/Pit/Boxer combination and he just turned 6 in December 🙂 Seneca was adopted from a kill shelter in Tennessee. She was found as a stray and had spent almost a month in the shelter – I will always be grateful to whoever sponsored her to give us enough time to find her!! Even if you can’t take a shelter pet home, you can do so much for them!! They literally bought her time. When we met her she had so many Bruschi-like attributes that we knew we’d be getting his “sister” even if she wasn’t his littermate. I think they are pleased with our choices :)”

Stormy, submitted by Laurie Bennett
Stormy - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“This is my BABY! Her name is Stormy 🙂 In November 2006 by chance, my brother looked out a window and saw children huddled around a man-hole looking down into it. He went to see what was wrong and they discovered a puppy was trapped. He climbed down and felt little cold wet puppy paws clawing at his ankles. The fire department got there to pull her out (someone had called them to save her), but my brother said he’d take care of her. He cleaned her up and brought her to me. My mom said of course we could keep her and she’s been the light of my life ever since. She was 7 weeks old when my brother rescued her and found out she was trapped in there for 4 days during flood weather with no food or love. She’s now 6 years old and the light of my life :)”

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