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Pet of the Day Round Up – Week of March 25

Here’s our next round of “Pets of the Day.” Every week, Don’t Be Cruel readers will meet a round up of different featured pet chosen for his/her rescue or adoption story plus a photo of their good looks. The Don’t Be Cruel staff will chose the pet with the best story and photo. You can submit a photo of your pet on the Don’t Be Cruel Facebook page. Have more than one pet? No problem. Submit as many as you can. All species of animals are accepted.


Chance, submitted by owner, Leslie Peak
Chance - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“Chance is our one year old Boxer. I saw a post on facebook, a pets page, asking for help with a 9 week old boxer with a severe heart murmur. I pmed and commented about him. His owner couldn’t afford the surgery the vet’s wanted to do and he wasn’t given a long life expectancy. She was told the surgery would be $3,000 and he would live to be a year old. She was scared he would die in front of her young child. I said I would take him. Took him to my vet 3 days after getting him and was told the murmur was severe, grade 4, and inoperable. My vet told me that he could live to be one, two, five. No one could really say. He gave me the best advice I could have asked for, love him for the time he is with you but don’t let him get fat. Will make his heart worse. This is my ONE year old (Jan. 29th was his birthday) baby boy sitting on the porch watching over everything. He is one big sweet lovebug!”


Kerk, submitted by owner Daria White:
Kerk the Horse - Shiloh Horse Rescue - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“Kerk was rescued from a slaughter auction by Shiloh Horse Rescue in Feb of 2009. He was skin and bones, filthy, tail mangled, scared and angry. No one could pet him for weeks. After he gained weight and started trusting people again, I started riding him to get him prepared for adoption. I realized he was a very special horse – beautifully saddle trained, quiet, and patient with a rider. His ground manners were terrible, but he was all business when it was time to ride. I promised Kerk if I couldn’t find him a fur-ever home, I’d take him myself. On Thanksgiving of 2010, my aunt adopted Kerk and he is now part of our herd! Kerk has come such a long way in the last 4 years. He now leads like a gentleman, we don’t even have to tie him to tack him up, and yesterday he stood on the black rubber mat at the wash rack for the first time without getting scared! Kerk loves mint flavored cookies plus neck and butt scratches. Our special guy is 28 years old with the heart of a youngster. We are so happy to give Kerk the quiet, loving home he’s always wanted!”


Raskal and Otis, submitted by owner, Donna Nixon Davis:
Raskal and Otis - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“This is Raskal (poodle) and Otis, they are both rescue pets. Raskal was put in a shelter as a baby because he had an overbite and was not “perfect”. He is the best companion ever, all he wants is someone to love him. Unfortunately, he has cataracts on both eyes, and can see very little, so I have become his “seeing eye person”. Otis’ mother abandoned him at 3 weeks old this past winter, he is the most awesome cat I have ever owned and I have had many. As you can tell by the picture, Otis and Raskal are great buddies. They are the joys of my life. :)”


Molly, submitted by owner, Laura Gee:
Molly - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel 

“This Molly. We adopted her from the St. Augustine, FL animal shelter in 2007. She was about a year old and was living at the shelter for 3 months. They said she was a stray. For the first few weeks she was very afraid of my husband. He eventually earned her trust and love with bacon…a little at a time and with lots of patience. She’s our first rescue animal and my very first dog (had cats all my life). I am now the pack leader in the house and she is the MOST loving, sweet animal you will ever meet in this lifetime, bar none! They say she’s an American Staffordshire Terrier mix (most likely mixed with pointer)…and we love her to death!!! ♥”


Maddie, submitted by owner, Lacy Lindgren:
Maddie - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“This is my Maddie. I adopted her four years ago when I was living in upstate NY. When I first met her, you couldn’t look at her. You just passed her a cookie and walked away. She had been abandoned and left to die in an empty apartment and she had been abused. For a week straight I’d go to the shelter, pass her a cookie on the way in, talk to her for a minute, and wait to see if she came up to the door. Finally by the end of the week, when I walked in, she darted up to the front of her kennel, tail wagging, waiting for me. She and I have been inseparable ever since. She saved me as much as I saved her. She’s my chicky. She has her own clothes drawer! Haha! She has her little area of goodies and her bed is covered in toys and blankets. I want her to know that nothing like that will ever happen to her again. She is so spoiled as you can see.”


Felixx, submitted by owner Shannon Price:
Felixx the Cat - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“This is Felixx. My friend who lived with me a couple years ago adopted him from the shelter that was using space in the Joliet, IL Petsmart. He became family immediately. Unfortunately my friend couldn’t keep Felixx but my boyfriend and I kept him for awhile until my boyfriends mom became his new mommy. Felixx has had a lot of medical issues lately and at one time we thought he was going to need to be put to rest, but he pulled through and is doing great! We ♥ Felixx!”


Lucy, submitted by owner, Shannon Kaleigh Redmond:
Lucy - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel
“This is Lucy. She was rescued from a puppy mill 2 weeks ago and now my family and I are proud owners of her. She is a whippet, I don’t know much about her breed but she’s a great dog. Sadly, she doesn’t know how to be a dog, or what a toy is. This breaks my heart that one can be so cruel to animals. All they want is your love.”

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