Earth Rated Dispenser and Poop Bags - Don't Be Cruel Store

Celebrate Earth Day with Us!

In honor of Earth Day, we are giving away a free Earth Rated Biodegradable Poop Bag Dispenser with the purchase of any t-shirt in our Don’t Be Cruel Web Store.

Did you know that dog poop is toxic? The Environmental Protection Agency has classified pet waste as a pollutant. When left behind, rainfall may wash dog feces into area waterways and contaminate rivers and streams with disease-causing bacteria like fecal coli form, E. coli, Salmonella and Giardia. In addition to the environmental hazards, these harmful bacteria can cause illness in humans.  This is why it is very important to pick up after your dog.

According to the Earth Rated website, each year up to a trillion plastic bags are deposited into landfills where, scientists estimate, they can take up to 1,000 years to breakdown – and millions still end up in our waterways, trees and oceans. To help keep the earth clean, the Earth Rated packaging is made from recycled paper while the bags are conveniently dispensed on a recycled paper core instead of a plastic one.

So for the rest of the month, we will be giving supporters a free dispenser with a roll (15 bags) of eco-friendly lavender scented bags when you purchase a t-shirt. You don’t have to add the dispenser to your shopping cart as we will take care of it on our end!

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