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Sturdi Products Inc. – Sturdi Bag Review

Sturdi Bag reviewSturdy indeed! The quality of this bag is far superior to most any other carriers I’ve seen. I bought this product on the recommendation of our breeder who shows cats and carries her felines across the country (in the cabin of the airplane) regularly. My cat, Bella, absolutely loves this bag because of the soft, comfy den feeling it provides.

I originally purchased the bag because I travel often and want to take Bella along. Flying with the Sturdi Bag is great because the bag fits wonderfully under the seat in front of me. The best part of this feature is that the flexible rods are still trying to retain their arched shape, so even under the seat, they are pushing the top of the bag up, resulting in my cat having as much room as possible.

The carrier is incredibly light for how much structure it has, which is another plus! Bella also seems very relaxed, comfortable and happy in it, which is a pleasant surprise. She has a tendency to act nervous and anxious whenever leaving our home; so to find a bag she seems stress-free in has been great!

Overall, the carrier is extremely well built. Quality materials for both the sides and vented openings, velcro closures, and zippers. There are a lot of places on the bag (like little windows) for Bella to look out of which is helpful with her anxiety. I was easily able to adjust the straps to make it more comfortable for carrying, both by hand and over the shoulder. The padding inside the carrier is extremely plush (fleece over an egg-crate pad.)

My cat loves this bag and even naps in it when she has the chance at home. The Sturdi Bag is a roomy, durable, safe and comfy carrier that I would recommend for cat or dog owners. I love the design, and everything about it and so does Bella!

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