Super Gravy - Holistic Instant Gravy Mix

SuperGravy is Super Great!

For years, I’ve been pet sitting and I foster many different kinds of dogs,
too. There have been occasions when certain dogs don’t feel like eating
when they come to visit. Every dog has a different personality and eating
pattern. I heard about the SuperGravy from a friend so I decided to give
it a try; especially because of how healthy it is. I have to say, every
dog I’ve cared for, including the picky eaters, ate the food with the
SuperGravy in it down to the very last morsel!

One of the pups, Dakota, was such a picky eater; but then after
introducing her to SuperGravy, I could barely finish preparing it without
her nearly running me over! A lab I once fostered would lick the bowl
clean every single time I added the gravy mix. Another pup I cared for,
Shadow, had always been a grazer and ate when he wanted. Sometimes I
didn’t have to refill his bowl for days. When I added SuperGravy it was
like magic…I had to move on over as soon as I poured it in his dish! He
chowed down all his food in one shot! To me, Shadow’s enthusiasm truly
shows how great this product really is.

The dogs love the taste. It’s easy to use and a must-have for me now while
I am caring for pets. I pass this information along to other people within
the doggy world too; especially owners of the dogs I pet sit for and new
homes of the dogs I foster. It has been such a relief to have them eating.
It especially helps knowing how healthy the gravy is too! Four paws up to
SuperGravy for me!

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