steel cable reinforced leash by Pawz

PawZ Safespot Locking Leash: A Safe, Secure, Happy Pup is a Must!

I’m a proud mom and pet owner, and along with those two very important jobs comes a lot of responsibilities. I’m ALWAYS on the go! Whether I’m bringing the kids to soccer, dance class, running to the post office grocery shopping, everyday is a new adventure! I hate to leave our 4 year old Maltese, Kendall, behind at home. She’s part of the family, so she deserves to come along for the ride and experience our everyday journey!

Throughout the years it’s been challenging because I know how dangerous it is to leave pets in the car; especially in the hot weather. It upsets me to leave Kendall at home and watch her sad face through the window as we pile into the car without her. On cooler days, I would often bring Kendall in the car with us, but something felt unsafe about this. Not only is the temperature a cause for concern, but pet theft is another issue that has crossed my mind numerous times.

I’ve purchased products from PawZ in the past (the dog boots are a hit!), and when I saw the Safespot Locking Leash I was instantly intrigued. I ordered one and it’s been a lifesaver… (or more like a pup saver!) My first impression was the quality of the leash. A steel cabled core is great and I can secure my pup to any size object; tree, pole, fence and even inside the car! Kendall is 100% secure and safe for those occasions I leave her unattended.

The locking dog leash has a one button adjustable collar and a locking handle with a single button adjustable strap to fit around any immovable objects. Both ends can be locked with a key – how cool is that!? Quick and easy to use, this leash gives me greater peace of mind without a doubt! My family loves the Safespot Locking Leash and so does Kendall!

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