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Happy National Holistic Pet Day!

August 30th is National Holistic Pet Day. It was founded by Colleen Paige of the Animal Miracle Foundation and Network to “celebrate and promote all the things we do (or should do) to take care of our pets’ bodies, minds and souls.”

So what does “holistic” mean to you? Halo Pets surveyed nearly 850 pet owners about the term “holistic” as it relates to what they feed their pets. The survey respondents included both dog and cat owners who buy a variety of pet food brands. Some respondents are Halo customers, some are not. Nearly 62% of respondents consider the food they purchase for their pets to be a premium, “holistic” brand.

You may be surprised to learn that there are no official standards for using the term “holistic” in pet food marketing. But, according to their survey, most consumers agree on what they think those standards should be. An overwhelming majority of survey participants said the following were critical elements of a holistic pet food:

  • No artificial preservatives or colorings – 84.8%
  • All natural – 83.6%
  • No corn or fillers – 79.1%
  • No inferior by-products – 82.3%
  • No rendered animal parts, such as chicken meal – 78%
  • No “4D” meats (diseased, dying, disabled or dead before butchering) – 80.3%
  • Other top attributes included: Only fresh meat or fish (58.5%), includes lots of fruits and vegetables (50.3%), zero recalls (50.4%) and the use of ingredients one can find in their own kitchen (45.2%).

Learn more about Halo Pet’s Holistic Pet Day survey.

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