CFO Dog Luggage Tag Review

Chief Furry Officer – Custom Photo Square Luggage Tag

CFO Dog Luggage Tag Review
Chief Furry Officer’s Custom Photo Square Luggage Tag, I had to have it! This personalize luggage tag is unique and adorable! I travel often for work but unfortunately my pup, Buster, can’t always come along. The photo luggage tag makes me feel as if a small piece of Buster is with me while I’m away. Seeing his picture on my luggage is an instant reminder that my furry friend is waiting for me when I return home.

One of the cons of traveling for me is keeping track of my luggage. But now, with this custom pet tag, my bag stands out. This helps me to find my luggage easier at the baggage claim which is big help and stress reliever! All I have to do is look for Buster’s smiling face on my suitcase. During my trips, I’ve received so many compliments on this product. It’s been a conversation starter among many individuals I’ve met on my adventures away from home.

cfo has a large variety of gifts for people and this custom tag is definitely one of them! If your family member or friend enjoys to travel, then this truly makes a unique and special gift that he/she will adore. You simply can’t go wrong with this item, especially if you are a proud pet parent who is always on the go!

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