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Review of “The Gift of the Ladybug” by Carole Amber

The Gift of the Ladybug

I read “The Gift of the Ladybug” and instantly fell in love with this
 children’s book. This story brings peace, comfort and inspiration for
families who have a child with a life threatening illness. The story was
 created after Carole Amber found out her son, TJ, would not see his second
 birthday. Carole does an amazing job expressing her pain and heartbreak 
after learning her son was different and would soon be set free to fly.

In the book, Polkadot, the ladybug is happy being a ladybug and he accepts 
himself for exactly who he is. He realizes he will never be a horse like 
his parents and he only knows how to live a short sweet life. The message 
of this book is of acceptance and is a true inspiration for those dealing
 with an ill child, or for anyone who feels different. This children’s book
 is simply written with amazing artwork, and can be a great comfort for
 kids who are grieving the loss of a loved one too.

Just last night, I found out a friend of a friend’s daughter lost her
 battle to cancer. I’m planning on passing this story along to baby Elena’s
 family, in the hope it will help put their tragic situation in a different
 perspective and will allow them to find some peace.

This book is an easy read, with beautiful, vibrant illustrations that will
 touch your heart deeply. I highly recommend this book, not only for those 
who are grieving the loss of a precious ladybug; but for all children, so
 they too learn about acceptance and feeling perfect just the way they are.

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