Bernese Mountain Dog

Don’t Be Cruel Donates to Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue During the Month of March

Bernese Mountain Dog

BFW Rescue is a Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue with fosters and adopters all over the USA and Canada. We rescue Berners from shelters or puppy mills and also help families when they have to re-home their Berners. Sometimes life throws you a curve and you have no choice to give your Berner up and this is where we can help. We will find the best new home so the Berner does not end up in a shelter.

Don’t Be Cruel offered to do this fundraiser for us and we so appreciate this. The fundraiser will run from March 1st until March 31st. Please check out the store, every penny will be going to our rescue. Thank you so much. Without your help we couldn’t be doing what we are doing and thank you Jason Long for doing this for us!

5 thoughts on “Don’t Be Cruel Donates to Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue During the Month of March

  1. Melissa Leaist

    I’m one of the families that has gained joy from the hard work of the BFW Rescue. Holly came to live with us on August 24th after a whirlwind of emails and chats over 5 days before we welcomed her first family into our home to meet us and our other Berners, Ella and Billie. It was an emotional visit. Holly is not a rescue, she’s a rehomed loved pet. Truth be known, she had a wonderful family who simply had hit a difficult time and put their love for her above their own heartbreak of saying goodbye. It was humbling and they will always be welcome in my home and will certainly occupy a special place in my heart forever. Elaine noted quickly that Holly would have a few new and exciting things in her life here: a big back yard to run and play in and friends. Basically, she was coming to live at the dog park, her favourite!

    Looking back, I’m shocked to note that Holly has only been in the family for a little more than 6 months. Within hours, it felt as though she had been with us all her life. She was adaptable and fun-loving, smart and silly. Anything new was approached with an air of excitement, with a side of “no big deal, I can do that!” With her favourite Honey Bunny, she quickly snuggled into bed for her first night in her new home with the same confidence she brought to the daytime. She and Billie have become known as “The Littles”. Where one is, the other is not far behind. Happily playing, cuddling and sharing toys. Simply the best of friends.

    As I type this, Holly is on the couch with Ella who she has become quite protective over. Ella has rear-end lameness but rules The Littles with a gentle firmness–usually from her spot on the couch, correcting with barks that always seem to get the point across. Holly would prefer that no one “bother” Ella, she makes sure we know if Ella needs to go outside, that sort of thing. It’s priceless.

    Every night, I tuck Holly into bed in mom’s room with her Honey Bunny. Minutes later, she returns the favour by coming to tuck me in as well. Of course, she bounces from location to location each night, from the spare room bed that she’s claimed for her own, the hallway between bedrooms, etc. One thing is for certain, no matter where she sleeps, she wakes up on the right side of the bed. This is a morning dog, pure and simple. Nothing is as exciting as “time to get up!” It means her people are awake, she can go play outside and, of course, gobble down breakfast at a rapid rate.

    Life is grand. I’m happy to share our story to encourage others to consider rescue and rehoming as an option for their family. There are many dogs in need of our care and affection. Some need far more work than Holly (I know from experience with other rescues) to feel at home, of course. But other than the destruction of many rolls of toilet paper, all we’ve gained is more joy in our household. One simply cannot be in a foul mood with her happy face around.

    Your support of our rescue is so appreciated!

  2. Linda Newsom-McCurdy

    My family was one of the lucky ones to benefit from BFW Rescue’s hard work; 1 month ago we welcomed Sawyer into our home. Sawyer (previously known as Peggy) was rescued in late October from a puppy mill by BFWR. She lived with a WONDERFUL foster family until we were ready to bring her home. You see I found Sawyer 2 days before I found out my boy Kasey had an inoperable tumor on his spine so during all of our discussions and interviews with BFWR we told them that he was our first priority and if they needed a home right away we were not the one. Their response was that if the home was right they would wait as long as needed. Well, we met her fell in love and set a date. During that time, BFW Rescue welcomed us with open arms into their family, I was in constant contact with the foster family and got updates on all of her progress daily.

    Kasey passed away 1 week before Sawyer’s arrival. The day she came to us, I could feel Kasey’s spirit with us saying “Mom, love her like you loved me…” and we have! She is already one of the family, and is learning new routines and learning to love and trust her forever family.

    I cannot thank BFW Rescue and her foster family enough for all they did for our girl.

  3. Kristen

    I am a BFW Rescue failed foster. I was lucky to get the opportunity to foster a Bernese mix, Bandit, that was picked up as a stray in Long Island. BFW Rescues fast response and wonderful hard working team called all the veterinary hospitals, shelters, etc in NY trying to locate the Bernese mix they had seen on a facebook post. All their calling worked and he was located at a Veterinary Hospital and one of the BFW Rescue members immediately drove hours to go pick him up and then drove him part way to meet me. He was a very loving stray, full of kisses but very dirty and heartworm postive and had a bladder infection and worms. He was not neutered and liked to lift his leg on EVERYTHING! He required alot of TLC but was making progress every day, just seeing the transformation from a stray dog that appeared to have no experience with other dogs and didn’t know what toys were or how to act when the other dogs tried to initiate play or that peeing in the house was not allowed. He would attack the other dogs for no reason but immediately seemed to attach himself to me and followed me everywhere. He was a very quick learner and wanted to please. BFW Rescue team was there throughout the process day and night always helping with tips and advice on how to solve problems and correct his misguided ways. Day after day he continued to improve, no more peeing in the house, no attacking the others for no reason, he even started playing with the others outside but still has some jealousy issues indoors. At the end of January I lost my oldest Bernese and was devastated but my foster boy Bandit was always by my side, crawling up on my lap to give kisses and help ease the pain. After almost 2 months here he picked up a toy for the first time and carried it around and then emptied the entire toy box. It was one of the happiest times for me seeing that he was finally learning to play and relax and fit in. Just seeing how far he had come and how loving this precious stray dog had become made it even harder to imagine letting him go. As I began to deal with the loss of my oldest I realized I did not want to lose another dog I loved so much already and asked BFW Rescue if it was possible to become a failed foster and keep Bandit. They were great and agreed he would be happiest not having to move again. We changed his name to Riley, since I already had a Bandit and made it offical, Im a failed foster but love my boy Riley so much already. Hopefully with enough work and encouragement he will learn to love his brother and sister Berners and someday in the distant future we will be a foster home for BFW Rescue again. Im so thankful BFW Rescue allowed me to be a part of this wonderful rescue of dedicated, hard working Bernese lovers that go above and beyond to save lives and find the perfect happily ever after homes for lost and abandoned Berners.

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