Twigo tags

Keep Your Pet Safe, Stylish & Silent With A Twigo Tag!

Twigo tags

I am an avid animal lover, and pet safety and proper identification is extremely important to me. My dog Buster is my pride and joy. Unfortunately, Buster’s ID tags drive me nuts! He is often active in the middle of the night and since I am a light sleeper, the jingling sound of his tags disturbs me. To avoid the annoying sound of his tags, I decided to take Buster’s collar off at night.

One morning, I let Buster in the yard to do his business but I had forgotten to put his collar back on. It just so happened that on this one particular day, a piece of the fence blew over and Buster had escaped. Luckily, the neighbor was able to catch him to bring him back to me; however this situation was a real wake up call! I realized I needed to find a solution to this ID tag dilemma. 

That’s when I discovered Twigo! After some research online, I found the Twigo website and the first thought that came to my mind was BRILLIANCE! A silent ID tag that can be personalized instantly at a very affordable price; this sounded like a dream come true! There are many cute styles and colored tags to choose from. I ordered Buster’s tag and within a few days it arrived. 

Write, boil, wear! Twigo provides written instructions (the video on their website is helpful too), and the overall process is extremely easy and fun. Buster looks adorable in his Twigo Tag! It’s truly a unique tag and many of our pet parent friends have purchased their own after admiring Busters. Best of all, I can sleep peacefully now with this silent tag and knowing Buster is safe at all times. You can’t go wrong with a Twigo Tag. I highly recommend this product to all pet parents and their furry friends! 

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