Black lab with Foobler, the dog treat ball

The Foobler Ball is a Brilliant Dog Toy for All!

Black lab with Foobler, the dog treat ball

It breaks my heart to leave my Black Lab Harley for more than a few hours at a time. Labs are high-energy dogs and need attention, stimulation and exercise daily. Harley has shown signs of separation anxiety, which makes it that much harder to leave her for the day.  My family goes above and beyond to coordinate our schedules so that she is not alone for too long; however, there are the inevitable occasions when Harley is by herself for the day.

I’ve purchased numerous interactive dog toys for Harley but nothing compares to The Foobler! It’s truly the PERFECT toy for her and I believe there’s nothing like it on the market. What makes this dog treat ball so unique is that it’s a self-reloading puzzle. I fill it up with 2 cups of kibble in the morning, set it to release the treats at a certain time (usually I choose every hour), then a metal bell rings to let Harley know its time to play and eat. It keeps her occupied and stimulated throughout the day which is exactly what she needs when she is home alone!

At first I was unsure Harley would associate the ringing of the bell with playtime, but I should have never doubted her intelligence. Every treat is missing when I arrive home! I now notice that after a long day out, Harley’s overall demeanor has changed for the better since purchasing The Foobler. I truly believe the treat rewards throughout the day has helped distract her from her separation anxiety…It’s amazing!

Another great feature of this toy is it’s so easy to fill and clean. I’ve tried many other treat toys in the past, and most of them are a hassle to fill and impossible to clean the inside of. This ball comes apart so that it can be cleaned with soap and water, or can even be put in the dishwasher! The Foobler has made Harley a happier dog and has given my family and I peace of mind. It’s a brilliant toy that all dogs should enjoy!

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