The Loving Bowl for brachycephalic dogs

My Pup and I LOVE The Loving Bowl!

The Loving Bowl for brachycephalic dogs

I’ve owned many breeds of dogs but nothing can compare to my love for pugs! I adore my pug, Patty. She makes a wonderful companion and four-legged friend. However, as many pug owners know, this breed is prone to many genetic health issues. It’s difficult to watch Patty having trouble breathing and eating.

I’m thrilled to have found a solution for her challenge during daily mealtimes. The Loving Bowl is a new product out on the market specifically designed for flat-faced pets. This product works WONDERS thanks to the slope that is designed within the bowl. I was shocked to see how quickly Patty learned to slide her food up the ridge in order to eat comfortably.

It was heartbreaking to witness Patty struggling to eat her food in a standard bowl. In the past, I would watch her slide the bowl around the room in attempt to grab the food, which would create a big mess for the both of us. Not only would her meal be all over the floor and walls, but it would be stuck in her wrinkles as well!

The Loving Bowl has been fantastic because Patty can happily eat in one spot and there’s no mess for me to deal with. Once I realized how beneficial The Loving Bowl is, I went ahead and purchased another one to use as a water bowl. I personally love the bright and fun colors these bowls come in as well. Overall, The Loving Bowl is such a simple idea and concept that truly makes a world of difference for both Patty and I. I highly recommend this product to all flat-faced parents and their canines!

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