Perfect Litter

Perfect Litter is Purr-fect for my Cat!

Perfect Litter

I discovered Perfect Litter after doing some research online about Feline Urinary Tract Disorders. My cat, Missy, suffers from frequent UTI’s. Unfortunately, she rarely shows any signs or symptoms of the UTI’s which makes me very nervous that her condition can get worse and lead to serious health problems. When I heard Perfect Litter has an early warning alert system, I couldn’t believe it and was anxious to have Missy try it out.

Sure enough, after only a few weeks of using this litter, Missy’s urine changed to a pink color in the box, alerting me that she had a UTI. It’s AMAZING to me that a product like Perfect Litter can benefit Missy’s health and my peace of mind so quick and easy!

Perfect Litter is super light weight which makes it VERY easy to use. I’ve been using various litter brands for years, and I will say Perfect Litter seems to have the best odor control. I love that it’s made from naturally occurring minerals and is environmental friendly‚ĶThat’s a BIG plus for me!

This litter is truly a miracle product that all cat owners need to have! I can tell Missy loves it too! I’m thrilled I can now monitor her UTI’s on a daily basis. Perfect Litter is simply purr-fect for our feline friends!