puppy bumpers are a lifesaver

Puppy Bumpers are a Lifesaver!

puppy bumpers are a lifesaver

At one point in time, my chihuahua Max was a Houdini escape artist! For years, Max was an expert on finding a way to sneak through the fence of the backyard. Regardless of how many times my fiance and I tried to cover up the holes or block the fence, he always managed to get out. Although he wouldn’t venture too far from the home, these outings were extremely terrifying and stressful for us to deal with. After many escapes, we eventually had to keep Max tied up while outside, which was not an ideal situation for us or Max.

Thankfully, this problem has been kicked to the curb thanks to Puppy Bumpers! This product is so creative, simple and it REALLY works. Since purchasing it, Max has yet to escape and he is able to have free range of the yard once again. The Puppy Bumper fits him perfectly and surprisingly, he doesn’t seem to mind it. He acts completely himself with it on, not to mention absolutely adorable in it too!

We love this product so much that Max owns a few Puppy Bumpers in various styles, designs and textures. The Rainy Day one is great for those muddy wet occasions. All of the bumpers can be machine washed and dried, which is convenient and helpful. I highly recommend this product because it is well-made, affordable and works like a charm. Between giving us peace of mind, and Max the freedom to happily roam the yard, this is a must-have product that will prevent precious pets from slipping through the fence. Puppy Bumpers are a true lifesaver!! 

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