A Pet with Paws

A Pet with Paws Gets My Applause!

A Pet with Paws

I’ve recently switched to a vegan diet and I’m slowly beginning to explore vegan options in other areas of my life as well. I was introduced to this new brand of pet carriers and couldn’t wait to purchase one for my little pup Max. I was excited to learn that not only are these carriers cruelty-free and vegan, they are environmentally friendly as well.

What’s great about the Madison Pet Carrier is that it’s a high-quality stylish product. I love the fact that it’s designed to trick the eye into thinking it’s made from leather, when really it’s just a printed leather image on fabric. It’s made from recycled plastic bottles which I find really interesting. It makes a great conversation piece!

I love everything about the bag, however, the real test was if Max would like it. Thankfully, he seems to LOVE his new carrier! I take him everywhere with me and we travel often. I’m so happy this bag is airline approved. Max seems very content traveling in it and I’m impressed with how comfortable and convenient it is to use and carry on my shoulder.

This carrier is perfect in many ways, but I find the overall mission of this brand so moving. I’ve learned that A Pet with Paws teamed up with an organization that plants a tree for every product that is sold. This is beautiful way to give back, and for consumers to feel they are making a difference.

Regardless if you are vegan or not, if you have the option to purchase products that cause no harm to animals and helps the environment, why wouldn’t you? I plan on shopping for more accessories and products from this inspirational company. They have done a fantastic job at creating stylish products that are helping the world in a big way. A Pet with Paws gets my applause!

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