Hachiko - smart dog sensor

Hachiko is a Dream Come True!

Hachiko - smart dog sensor

I’ve tried various pet tech products and apps in the past, but by far, Hachiko takes the cake! First off, I was relieved the sensor easily attached to my dog Addie’s collar. It stays secure throughout the day and she doesn’t seem to notice it’s on. I’m also a big fan of the appearance. Addie looks adorable in the bright pink sensor!

Another bonus is how simple it was to connect the sensor with the app. I’m not the most savvy person when it comes to phone technology, but Hachiko gave me no problems! Overall, the app is easy to navigate and the features are incredible. Addie’s diet and exercise routine is hard to keep up with, but the app allows me to communicate and track her patterns, which is really neat. I catch myself looking at the daily news feed all day long.

Hachiko works out great for us, especially because various family members, neighbors and friends care for her throughout my typical work week. My crazy work hours sadden me and it’s unfortunate I can’t be there more to monitor Addie and stick to a healthy schedule. Although I trust all of my family and friends who walk, feed and visit her, it can be hard to determine if everyone is on the same page.

Now with Hachiko, I can communicate with all sitters, and motivate them to reach goals that will benefit Addie’s health and wellbeing. My pet sitters have a fun time trying to reach the title “Hero of the Day!” It’s such a relief knowing her daily activity is available to me at a push of a button. Whether I’m home, or away, I have great peace of mind knowing what Addie is up to at all times. I recommend Hachiko to all pet owners – It’s a dream come true!

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