Pawtech Booths

Paw Tech Dog Boot Can’t Be Beat to Protect My Pup’s Feet!

Pawtech Booths

I give my pup Miles some telehealth veterinary medicine and take him on many outdoor walks and adventures in nearby woods and often worry about his paw pads. I’ve tried several different dog booties but have encountered many problems with them all. Some boots made him walk funny, or he would attempt to bite them off. A friend recommended Paw Tech Dog Boots and it’s safe to say we found our “paw-fect” match!

The durability of Paw Tech boots is unlike any other boot we have tried. The outer nylon makes them great in the rain and the poly lining is so cozy! Miles disliked wearing other boots in the past, but he loves to put on his Paw Techs! The velcro strap is a big plus so it can keep his foot snug without falling off during our excursions.

Another great feature is the rubber sole on the bottom. No slipping and sliding on our wet deck during rain or on the ice. Whether we are facing the winter salt, summer sand, rocky terrains or the scorching hot pavements, I have peace of mind knowing Miles paws are safe, secure and comfortable with these boots. Not to mention, they are stylish and so cute on him. Both Miles and I recommend this product to all four-legged friends – Paw Tech Dog Boots can’t be beat!!


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