Groomit is the BEST On-Demand, In-Home Pet Grooming Service!

Goomit in-home pet grooming service

I’m a busy working mom who is always on the go. Whether I’m rushing home to walk the dog or bringing my son to soccer; scheduling regular visits to the groomers was put on the backburner at one point in time. Our pup’s health and needs are a top priority. However, grooming has always been a stressful situation for him, which is another reason why we began avoiding the situation. A friend suggested a new app called Groomit. After some investigating, Groomit seemed too good to be true…but we decided to give it a go!

Groomit has been absolutely AMAZING for us. The on-demand, in-home service has made it so convenient, especially with our hectic schedules. Groomit has always arrived to our home on time, and we have loved every groomer who has walked through our door. It’s clear they live up to their word and staff qualified professionals. From my personal experience, in addition to professionals the groomers at Groomit have been kind, respectful and real pet lovers too. That is a huge plus!

The best part about Groomit is that I no longer have to witness my dog stressed. He seems to have no problem being groomed in the comfort of his home with his family around. This has been such a relief for us (and him too, I bet!). I definitely recommend this pet grooming service app to pet owners – especially for those with nervous pets. The app is easy to navigate. It’s pretty cool that with a few clicks, a groomer will show up at your doorstep. You pick the time and place and voila! We trust and love Groomit and we know you will too!



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