Pipolino Helps My Dog to Slow Down and Enjoy his Food!

Dry food dispenser

My Chihuahua, Max, has always been a very fast eater, which has caused many problems for him over the years. He normally regurgitates or vomits shortly after gulping down a meal. This has been a nuisance for me because I’m constantly cleaning up his mess around the house. I’ve also been very concerned that this rapid eating will cause other health problems in the future. Thankfully, the Pipolino dry food dispenser has changed my pup’s eating habits for the better in so many ways!

We have been using Pipolino for several months now and the product has held up very well. It’s durable and is very easy to fill with kibble. The best part is that Max loves using it! He seems genuinely happy “working” for his food. He now gets to enjoy each bite, as oppose to stuffing his face in less than two minutes and then feeling sick afterwards. I love that the Pipolino gives him something to do for an extended period of time. It keeps him busy, entertained and active. It’s fun watching him paw and play with Pipolino and then get rewarded with his kibble.

Another amazing outcome since using Pipolino is that Max lost a few pounds! This was not our intention, but I’m thrilled he’s in better shape physically.  Overall, I would highly recommend this product. There are countless benefits – especially for animals that are overweight or eat too quickly!


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