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Susie's Hope The Movie

Susie’s Hope The Movie

Susie's Hope The Movie

Susie’s Hope is an inspirational and charming movie that all animal lovers will love and appreciate. Based on the true story of Donna and her rescued Pit Bull named Susie, this movie does a beautiful job at reenacting both their traumatizing and happy experiences throughout their life. I had many emotions while watching the film. At some parts I felt feelings of fear, sadness, and disappointment, while other moments I felt happiness, humor, love and satisfaction. The characters made the movie interesting and enjoyable with their unique personalities. It’s safe to say I fell in love with each one!

As a dog lover, Susie’s Hope touched my heart in a special way. The message in the movie is extremely powerful: No matter what negative experiences or fearful events occur in your life, you can forgive, heal and overcome these obstacles. It also proves that if you put your heart and hard work into a goal, anything is possible; just like Donna and Susie’s effort in preventing animal cruelty by passing Susie’s Law.

Whether you are an animal activist or not, the overall message behind this movie is magical and life-changing. I enjoyed watching this film and I can’t wait to share it with friends and family. I admire Donna and Susie for their strength, courage and their ability to be inspiring role models to others, especially those who are facing difficult times. I highly recommend this movie to all – it’s a beautiful, heart-warming story that’s worth watching and embracing!

What my dog does when I leave - Mike the Intern

This Is What Happens When You Leave Your Dog Alone

Morning show host, Mike the Intern, posted a heartbreaking video of his dog during the holidays. He and his friend attached a GoPro camera to his dog and left him alone shortly afterwards. Needless to say, this adorable pup misses his Mike the moment he leaves.

So next time you come home, make sure you hug and kiss your pets unconditionally because that is all they want to do.

Dog's Best Friend #RescueFilm by Halo Pets

Halo Pets Presents Second #RescueFilm, Dog’s Best Friend

America’s Got Talent season seven winners, the Olate Dogs and their human, Nicholas Olate, star in Halo Pets’ new #RescueFilm, “Dog’s Best Friend.”

This is the second film in their #RescueFilm series created by Peter McEvilley to celebrate rescue pets and promote pet adoption nationwide. The first was “Le Sauvetage,” which debuted at the Sonoma International Film Festival in April.

In this beatnik-themed rescue tale filmed in San Francisco and Sonoma, Calif., Odysseus Dog rescues his human, Alan (played by Nicholas Olate), but they get separated while out on the road. The film follows the dog’s Homeric journey across the country to get back home to his human.

Chimp Haven |

Join’s Campaign to Help Retired Medical Research Chimps

Chimp Haven |

Last year, two government decisions drastically changed the world for chimpanzees used in research and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced that they would permanently retire 310 – the vast majority – of their chimps into the care of Chimp Haven.

Chimp Haven, The National Chimpanzee Sanctuary, is currently home to 210 residents and is located in Keithville, Louisiana, about 22 miles outside of Shreveport. It was founded in 1995 by an alliance of professionals from research, animal welfare, and the pharmaceutical industry who saw the need for humane, cost-effective social housing for unwanted chimpanzees. Since 2005, 299 chimpanzees have called Chimp Haven home. Chimp Haven’s mission is to provide humane, lifetime care for chimpanzees no longer used in biomedical research, as pets or as entertainers.

Every resident of Chimp Haven has a beautiful, unique personality. Jimoh, beloved by both chimpanzees and sanctuary caregivers, recently passed away. He was born in the wild and taken from his natural environment at a young age, after which he spent most of his life in biomedical research.  Let me repeat that: he was born in the wild.

Many chimps still carry the diseases that they were exposed to as research subjects. Crystal, a beautiful female with dark black hair and white whiskers, was infected with HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Chimp Haven is the only sanctuary in the U.S. equipped to care for a large number of chimpanzees infected with HIV and hepatitis. There, expert staff ensures that Crystal receives her medications on time, delivered in her favorite food, peanut butter banana sandwiches.

The recent and wonderful announcement by the NIH places Chimp Haven, in a difficult position. To accept the new retirees, the sanctuary must more than double in size and secure the additional resources it needs for the chimps’ lifetime care. While 110 of the NIH chimps have already arrived at the Sanctuary, the fate of the other chimps is still up in the air. That is why and Alison Eastwood decided to run a crowdfunding campaign on nonprofit crowdfunding site to raise $50,000 to help pay for the care of the chimps already at Chimp Haven. is an exciting new nonprofit crowdfunding platform dedicated to helping animals and wildlife. We use innovative technology to dramatically increase donations to animal nonprofit groups who currently receive only 2% of all giving.  At Nonprofits can easily showcase their projects most in need of funding; Animal Lovers can run crowdfunding campaigns to support their favorite causes or raise money for veterinary care of pets; and Donors can have a fun and interactive experience, can take a few minutes, give a few dollars and have a big impact for animals. is free to use. It takes no percentage of donations raised through the platform, which means more money directly helps animals.

“We owe them, these self-aware, social animals sacrificed so much for the benefit of humans. They deserve the best possible care during retirement, both physically and emotionally. You can make a difference right now by donating to my project – even $5.00 makes a difference. 100% of your donation will go towards giving research chimps the life in retirement that we owe them.” Alison Eastwood.

Please, visit our campaign page to make a donation!

Sarah Timms
CEO and Founder of
“It’s our mission to increase giving to the animal welfare and wildlife conservation sector using crowdfunding technology.”

Pet Wall of Fame

Pet Wall of Fame

Pet Wall of Fame

The majority of pet owners realize the emotional, and/or physical support their animal companions provide. Those who love animals understand the happiness they bring and the purpose they add to our lives. The Pet Wall of Fame invites pets to be part of history. Creating the First Pet Wonder of The World, the Pet Wall of Fame is building a historic, and timeless tribute to current, and past animals that have enriched our lives and played such an important roll in our existence. Learn more at

Located just 90 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada, The Pet Wall of Fame will be built within the world’s largest pet park. Pet owners can now make history by including their pets in photo tiles located throughout this 150acreexhibition. Each tile will be personalized with a pet’s photo and statement of love. The overall goal is to produce over one million unique tiles creating the largest collection of photo tributes in the world.

The Pet Wall of Fame will acknowledge pets and recognize their contributions to society while celebrating the love we share for them. In addition to physical tributes, a virtual Pet Wall of Fame will provide a forum to displaya pet’s full story, and to read the stories of others. This park is sure to become an anticipated travel destination.

The Pet Wall of Fame is expected to grow and be the place to be entertained, educated and experience the world of pets. This will include a pet history museum with exhibits documenting animals in service to humanity; people will learn about events throughout history affected by animals and those we call pets, talking about their influence in history, the arts, sports, entertainment and much more.  There are also plans to build an event center, which will host a variety of pet related events.

For now, the Team at the Pet Wall of Fame have started and IndieGoGo Campaign to fund the project. They are asking that pet parents make a suggested contribution of $20 at Indiegogo Pet Wall of Fame fundraising campaign to memorialize their pet and make a difference.

Making history will take time, however, the Pet Wall of Fame is ready for the challenge. Phase one involves working with Indiegogo through their crowd-funding platform to raise money for this project. Individuals can visit the crowd-funding site and select a donation level that is right for them. These contributions will make this project move forward. Phase two of the web site will be available mid-2014 and will allow online ordering of tiles for the Pet Wall of Fame.  It will, as well, feature programs that support pet organizations across the country.

The Pet Wall of Fame project is anextraordinary way to give pet owners the opportunity to show their appreciation and love for everything pets do for their human companions. This park will be like no other and will become a uniquely special place to memorialize our pets, present or past.

The Pet Wall of Fame is a “timeless tribute” to people and their pets and domesticated animals, farm animals, animals that have made their mark on humankind. Thanks to you and your pet, our “Park” will grow and be the place to be entertained, educated and experience the world of pets. Make your pet part of history as part of the world’s largest collection of pet photos in tile, in the world’s largest pet park of its kind. Learn more at Pet Wall of Fame.

Please visit the IndieGoGo Pet Wall of Fame campaign

Twitter: @PetWallofFame

The Last Resort Animal Rescue

The Last Resort Recaps 2013 in Heartwarming Video Slideshow

Last Resort Rescue’s vice president and co-founder Samantha Grieves put together this beautiful slideshow of all the animals saved by the rescue organization in 2013.

The Last Resort’s dedicated team works together, combining their skills and love for animals to provide safe haven to so many animals in need. Now, more than ever, the economic crisis has left the shelters dangerously overcrowded and hundreds of dogs are being killed every day simply because there is no room! They dedicate all of our time, money and energy to saving the lives of these wonderful animals.

Please consider making a Last Resort Rescue donation so they can continue to save more lives in 2014.

Also, please remember to vote daily for them in The Shelter Challenge, where you can vote every day to help them win one of  255 prizes including a $5,000 grant.

Pauly the Pitbull starved to death in NJ | Don't Be Cruel

Pauly the Pitbull Was Found in a NJ Ditch Starved to Death. Wait Till You See Him Now.

Pauly the Pitbull starved to death in NJ | Don't Be Cruel

Back in November, Don’t be Cruel learned from a good friend, David Stetson, about a dog named Pauly:

“This is Pauly the Pitbull. He was found in a ditch in Paterson. Someone left him there to die. He got brought in to my girl’s job. She works for Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital. They are going to be doing a fundraiser to help pay for some of his medical bills so he could become healthy again.”

Thanks to everyone who donated, Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital and the Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge, Pauly made a full recovery! Here’s the update:

“For those of you who remember Pauly the Pitbull…he is doing better and is now living with his new sister and is happy and healthy… thank you guys for sharing and donating.”


We love beautiful endings like these! Thank you, David for keeping us updated. So happy to hear that Pauly is living the good life!

Puppy Bowl X - New York

Puppy Bowl X

Puppy Bowl X - New York

It’s that time of the year! The Puppy Bowl, in its tenth year, will air Feb. 2  at 3pm EST right before the big game on the Animal Planet. Puppy Bowl X will be held in Times Square prior to the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos battling it out in East Rutherford, NJ in Super Bowl XLVIII.

The first Puppy Bowl aired in 2005, with only footages of wandering dogs with no commentary and no sponsor ads decorating the stadium with viewership of more than 5.6 million. Ten years later, 12 million people watch this special event. By 2012, Geico brought the naming rights to the stadium and this year they will be introducing a VIP suite, sponsored by Sheba cat food, where cats will hang out.

The starting line up consist of 38 shelter puppies. Here are some great photos about the journey to the Puppy Bowl. While one of the Puppy Bowl’s goals is to find homes for rescue dogs, most of this year’s competitors already have a family of their own.

Patrick the Miracle Dog

Patrick the Miracle Dog’s Abuser Sentenced, Patrick Finds Forever Home

Kisha Curtis, 29, pleaded guilty last month to fourth-degree animal cruelty on the eve of her trial. She was charged in March 2011 after Patrick the Miracle Dog was found near death.

Although she won’t be serving any jail time, Curtis would be required to serve 18 months probation and forfeit her right to Patrick, who has not been in her care since he was found.

She’ll also be required to pay nearly $2,000 to the New Jersey ASPCA, which gave the pup emergency care before he was moved to a veterinary hospital in Tinton Falls.

On a happier note, NJSPCA posted the following on their Facebook page:

“Patrick Court Update : Will post information later BUT I would like everyone to know that Patrick is now PATRICK SCAVELLI, it is official the Scavelli’s were granted legal custody of Patrick. NJSPCA could not be happier with the outcome for Patrick and the Scavelli’s. Thank you all for your support. Capt Yocum”

Congratulations Patrick! May you be happy in your new forever home!

Sully the Horse Rescue

Are You An Angel? A Horse-Eye View of Shiloh Horse Rescue and their Guardian Angel Program

This article is a horse-eye view from Sully, a rescue horse from the Shiloh Horse Rescue in Nevada. Special thanks to Robin DiGiovanni, Jill Curtis-Weber, Sally VandenBerg

Greetings from the Nevada desert! Iʼm Sully, a former camp horse. I was rescued from a feedlot where my next stop would have been a slaughterhouse if not for the kind people at Shiloh Horse Rescue. Iʼd like to tell you a little about Shiloh and, in particular, about their Guardian Angel Program.

The 40 acre Shiloh Horse Rescue has been in operation since 2003. In that time, it has been responsible for rescuing over 500 horses from slaughter, abuse, neglect, and/or hardship situations. Over 300 of these horses have been adopted out to new, loving homes. Others have stayed and lived out their lives in Shilohʼs sanctuary.

There are approximately 75 horses currently residing at Shiloh. Several are previously rescued horses that have been adopted and continue to live on the property as boarders. Some are either available for adoption or are in training so that they might have the opportunity to be adopted as well. Others are sanctuary horses, animals whose age, injuries, or conditions render them “unadoptable” except in very rare cases. These horses live out their lives happily in one of several large pastures, or they wander freely around the property, serving as mascots and a welcome committee for the visitors and volunteers who frequent the rescue. And if you’d like to look through horses that are for sale you can see loads of marketplaces like that online so just make sure you do the proper checks.

Shiloh Horse Rescue in Nevada - Don't Be CruelWithin the group of sanctuary horses are a number of us who fall into a special category. We are all 25 years old and older; some of us are in our 30ʼs! And because of our age, we now have special nutritional needs. We still need hay. Among its many benefits, grazing on hay releases enzymes that control the acid in our stomachs, reduce stress, and help our digestion. However, because we lose our teeth with age, we are no longer able to completely digest the amount of hay we consume. The result? We do not get sufficient nutritional or caloric intake from the consumption of hay alone.

What does this all mean? It means that we need more easily digestible, calorie rich, nutritional food to supplement our diet if we are to remain healthy. But hereʼs the problem… hay has doubled in price in the last year alone. This has put a tremendous strain on Shilohʼs operating budget. Hay is the rescueʼs number one expense. Nothing, not even vet care, comes near to what it costs for Shiloh to provide good quality hay for all of its horses.

Shiloh has taken wonderful care of us for many years. It is the reason most of us have lived as long as we have. But good quality care and sky rocketing prices have created a unique problem for the rescue, and, to help address it, Shiloh began the Guardian Angel Program.

Shiloh Horse Rescue in Nevada - Don't Be CruelIt costs $60 per month, per horse to provide the proper portions of supplemental food for those of us the rescue categorizes as “Shiloh Guardian Angel Gummies.” The benefactors who have stepped up to become ongoing, monthly sponsors for us are truly heaven sent. Sponsors are encouraged to come to the ranch and interact with us; however, it is by no means a requirement. We are lucky enough to have a sponsor from as far away as Australia!

Shiloh does its best to thank its sponsors by sending them monthly updates about their “Angel” horse, small gifts, and inclusion in the Guardian Angel Hall of Fame, posted prominently on the patio for all to see. Of course, because Shiloh is a non-profit organization, donations are completely tax deductible.

Shiloh Guardian Angel Gummies also have their own Facebook page where all of us gummies love to post pictures of ourselves and give “neigh outs” to our sponsors.

Currently, Jason and Belkis of Donʼt Be Cruel are sponsoring me, and I am so happy and proud! However, there are several Guardian Angel horses who still in need of a sponsor

Becoming a Guardian Angel is easy. Go to Click on “Enter.” When you get to the home page, click on the button that says “New Become A Guardian Angel to one of our Senior Horses.” Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find a PayPal link and other payment information.

Important! If you use PayPal, please email either Sally VandenBerg at or Robin DiGiovanni at with your contact information and the name of the horse you are sponsoring. They will then send you a thank you packet and keep you up to date on the progress of your “Angel” horse!

Rather make a one time donation? No problem! Any amount is helpful, and your money will be placed in a general fund for all of the gummies. Just write “Guardian Angels” in the memo portion of your check, or, for PayPal, email Sally or Robin and let them know that you are making a one time donation to the Guardian Angel Gummies. Rest assured that 100% of your tax deductible donation will go for our care and feeding!

Thank you and high hoof!!