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Protect Your Pup’s Paws from Winter, Snow and Chemicals!

Protect your pups paws from winter

Winter can be a tough season for dogs. Freezing temperatures, snow and ice can cause chapped paws and itchy skin. Toxic chemical agents and ice melting salt on the sidewalks and roads are also hard on paw pads. Not to mention, these chemicals can be dangerous if ingested. If you notice any injuries or any unusual behavior in your pets, it’s best to bring them to an animal hospital for proper diagnosis and treatment.

A scary reality…  According to, if a dog ingests less than 1 ounce of sodium chloride per 2.3lbs of their body weight, they could die. That means a dog that weighs 4 pounds would only need to eat 2 ounces of ice melt with sodium chloride for it to be fatal. In addition, most ice-melt products contain sodium chloride or calcium chloride, which can irritate a dog’s paw or be harmful if they ingest it.

Here are a few paw safety tips to keep in mind as you conquer the winter outdoors with your four-legged friend!

Regular Grooming –The first step is to make sure your dog’s paws are winter ready. One way to do so is by grooming. If you have a long-haired dog, it’s important to trim their feet regularly throughout the winter to minimize the clinging of ice balls, salt and ice-melting chemicals.

Regular Cleaning – Keep a bowl of warm water near the inside of your entry door so that you can easily rinse their paws after an outing. A towel for drying is a must too! Rinsing, drying and carefully wiping their feet will help prevent chemicals from drying onto their skin. It’s also a great way to avoid tracking chemicals into the home. In addition, if you are having a hard time cleaning your dogs, you will need to have a stain remover wipes that remove tear and beard stains from your dog’s coat without lightening the hair, which you can get from a Dog Tear Stain Remover Wipes Supplier.

Be Sensitive – Remember that cold, sore and blistered paws can feel incredibly uncomfortable for your dog. This could really put your pup in a bad mood! Make sure to always handle their precious paws with gentleness and care.

Protective Wear – A great way to protect your dog’s paws in the winter is to use dog booties; or for the ultimate level of protection try dog leggings! Walkee Paws created the world’s first dog leggings, and since launching in November 2018, customers have reaped the many benefits of this one-of-a-kind accessory during the cold and snowy season.

Designed with durable, four-way stretch fabric and waterproof rubber soles, Walkee Paws protects your pooch from harsh elements and prevent the many germs, chemicals and allergens they pick up from entering your home. Not only do they protect paws, but they cover Fido’s legs as well for maximum warmth and protection.

Features of Walkee Paws Dog Leggings Include:

  • 4-Way Stretch Fabric: With water-resistant technology for dry legs
  • Over-the-Back Design: Featuring 2 adjusters for a paw-fect fit
  • Loose Ankle Fit: For maximum canine comfort
  • Waterproof Booties: With grippies for traction

Walkee paws - booties for dogs

Walkee Paws Dog Leggings make a pretty bold fashion statement too! They come in several fashion-forward prints such as the checkered Classic, the fun and vibrant Confetti, the sophisticated Cocoa, the bad-to-the-bone Skulls, the head-over-paws in love Hearts, and the sporty Camo. Although they’re the ideal accessory for winter months, Walkee Paws Dog Leggings can also be worn year-round. In warm weather, they prevent hot-pavement burns and give lawn chemicals, allergens and ticks the boot.

Dogs and their owners alike have fallen in love with these waterproof accessories, so make sure to grab your pup a pair before conquering the final snowstorms of the year! Learn more at:

Connect Socially:

Facebook: WalkeePaws
Twitter: @walkeepaws
Instagram: @walkeepaws

New Zealand Deer Velvet Senior Formula for Dogs has Helped my Dog Physically & Mentally!

Dr. Judy Morgan's Naturally Healthy Pets New Zealand Deer Velvet Senior Formula for Dogs

I’m a huge fan of Dr. Morgan’s line of natural pet products and this Deer Velvet Senior Formula for dogs is no exception. My senior pup, Harley, suffers from several conditions; most of which worsened with her age. She has some arthritis that has slowed her down both physically and mentally. The arthritis really affected Harley and overtime she has become a more anxious and nervous dog because of it. Many things now trigger her anxiety (separation, noise, travel) and it has been extremely difficult to watch her struggle with day to day activities.For generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) says that cheap kratom has been shown to reduce stress in animals such as rats. Study subjects were observed as having lower behavioral signs of anxiety. Their physiological symptoms of anxiety, such as increased heart rate, also improved.

Since using this product from Business Matters, Harley’s mobility and mental state has improved greatly. She is capable of getting up and down with so much more ease and we can now go on longer walks again. I think that has helped make her feel happier – she loves her walks!  She seems calmer during storms or loud gatherings at our home and is comfortable again going in the car for outings. The chews are easy for her to take, which is also a big plus.

I do my research when it comes to health treatments like cbd oil for dogs and I am very pleased with the high-quality, natural ingredients this formula consists of. It’s been a game-changing product for us and we highly recommend to other dogs struggling with similar issues!


Fun for Pet Parents: Do You Have The World’s Most Amazing Dog? Here’s Your Chance To Make Them a Facebook Star!

The World's Most Amazing Dog Competition

Have a talented pup, or one that is too cute for words? You’re in luck – World’s Most Amazing Dog is the reality-competition series for your pup.​

Facebook Watch, the company’s video and shows platform, is giving away $100K to one lucky dog, but your dogs can’t win if they don’t play. 

***As an added bonus: Facebook is donating $1 to the ASPCA for every audition submitted, up to $1M.

So what is World’s Most Amazing Dog? Think American Idol meets Westminster Dog Show, but for the digital age. It’s dogs catching frisbees, dogs dancing, dogs doing all sorts of amazing things – and who doesn’t love that? We’re casting a global net (over 35 countries), but are looking for pups from all over the US, and trying out is very easy. Check out our 1 minute video which will give you the gist.

Here’s what it takes to audition:

  • Visit the World’s Most Amazing Dog show page on your mobile device
  • Press “Audition Now” to either record your dog live or upload an existing video
  • Submit your audition 
  • Don’t forget to share with your friends using the hashtag #mostamazingdog 

It’s no secret that the internet can’t get enough of doggie videos, and our show is a great way to celebrate the true standouts while also giving back to the ASPCA. We’d love it if you’d get the word out to the good people of (xCityx). You never know where this could lead.

Let me know if I can get you any more info or assets on Facebook Watch or World’s Most Amazing Dog. Happy to do so.

About Facebook Watch
Facebook Watch is a place to discover and enjoy shows on Facebook. Home to a wide range of shows – from scripted comedy and drama, to competition and reality series, to individual creators and live sports – Facebook Watch is a video platform where episodic content, community and conversation come together. This is a personalized viewing experience, where you can discover new series based on what your friends are watching, and catch up on the shows you follow. Facebook Watch is available for free on mobile apps across Apple and Android, on desktop, laptop and on TV apps listed HERE.

Thanks so “mutts” in advance!

walking the dog

K9 Fit Club® Partners with “Walk With a Doc” for National Group Walking Events on January 7th & 21st

Walk With a Doc - K9 Fit Club

We often start the New Year with a plan to improve our health, but have you ever considered incorporating your pets into these goals too? In America, more than half of the adult population is overweight or obese, and, out of the 68.2 million dogs in America, over half are overweight or obese as well. It seems not only are we becoming a nation of couch potatoes and bad habits, but so are our dogs.

K9 Fit Club®, the nation’s pioneer and leader in human/canine fitness, has partnered with “Walk With a Doc” to host group walking events across that country on Saturday January 7th and 21st at 10:00am. With the New Year and January’s “National Walk Your Dog Month” approaching, now is the perfect time to set goals and commit to healthier habits for both you and your furry friend. Both dogs and their owners will have the opportunity to meet with Master K9 Fit Club® trainers and “Walk With a Doc” doctors in select cities across the country to take part in a group walk. This will be a fun way to socialize with others while exercising with your pup.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than a third – or 38.7 percent – of U.S. adults are obese, leaving us at risk for hypertension, heart disease, stroke and other issues. Our society today is facing a major health epidemic and our pets are suffering right along with us. A few of the health risks associated with overweight and obese dog and owners include: osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and cancer.

Tricia Montgomery, Founder and CEO of K9 Fit Club states, “Not only have both dogs and owners become a nation of couch potatoes, we want a quick fix for everything. From pills to the latest “new & improved program” or the “magic” gimmick to suddenly lose weight and get in shape” The simple solution and the key for both is combining both nutrition and exercise, eat in moderation, eat healthier and exercise. Taking that first step is the key to you and your dog’s success. A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.”

This event is free and a great way for pet families to get up, get out and get moving! Attendees will receive some awesome swag too. For those who are unable to attend, or if there is not a walk scheduled in a city near you, please continue to get out and moving with your dog. All participants are encouraged to spread the word and join the movement by sharing socially using #WWYD2017.

Montgomery, who is also a certified personal trainer, expresses, “Exercise is better when done together; your best workout partner is your dog. They will never cancel on you and they will never complain. Any opportunity to do something, especially, fitness and activity related with you is great for your dog. Dogs are a barometer for our emotions and our abilities. If you’re having a bad day, your dog is having a bad day. If you are working out and including your dog, your mood, health and stamina improves, the same is true for your dog.”

What better way to kick-off “National Walk Your Dog Month” and the New Year for a Better You. Better Dog. Better Life.™ than working towards adopting a healthier lifestyle with your best four-legged friend by your side? Partnering with “Walk With a Doc” and hosting national group walks is a fantastic way to inspire pet parents to make exercise and wellness a top priority in 2017 with Fido!

“Often the simplest answer is the one that’s going to work the best, and we believe that’s the case with walking.” – Dr. David Sabgir, CEO and Founder of Walk with a Doc.

About Walk With A Doc: Walk with a Doc was started in 2005 by Dr. David Sabgir, a cardiologist in Columbus, Ohio. Frustrated with his inability to effect behavior change in the clinical setting, Dr. Sabgir invited his patients to go for a walk with him in a local park on a spring Saturday morning. To his surprise, over 100 people showed up, energized and ready to move.

Since that first event in 2005, Walk with a Doc has grown as a grassroots effort, with a model based on sustainability and simplicity. [A doctor gives a brief presentation on a health topic and then leads participants on a walk at their own pace. Healthy snacks, coffee and blood pressure checks are also a standard part of a Walk with a Doc event.] The Walk added an Executive Director in 2009 and focused on building a program that could easily be implemented by interested doctors in other cities around the country. As a result of these efforts, the reach of Walk with a Doc now extends from California to New York with over 277 chapters in between. Learn more at:

Connect Socially:
Twitter: @walkwithadoc

About K9 Fit Club®: K9 Fit Club is the nation’s pioneer and leader in human/canine fitness, dedicated to the health, fitness, and wellness of dogs and their people. K9 Fit Club has created classroom exercise instruction that people do with their dogs. Both the human and the dog benefit physically from the structured physical activities. The proprietary fitness programs are taught in a controlled small group environment by K9 Fit Club Master Trainers in licensed K9 Fit Club locations. As we develop and grow clubs around the country, our efforts also include working with humane associations and animal rescue groups throughout the communities in which we serve. Learn more about K9 Fit Club®

Connect Socially:
Twitter: @K9FitClub1


Felixx the Cat - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

Pet of the Day Round Up – Week of March 25

Here’s our next round of “Pets of the Day.” Every week, Don’t Be Cruel readers will meet a round up of different featured pet chosen for his/her rescue or adoption story plus a photo of their good looks. The Don’t Be Cruel staff will chose the pet with the best story and photo. You can submit a photo of your pet on the Don’t Be Cruel Facebook page. Have more than one pet? No problem. Submit as many as you can. All species of animals are accepted.


Chance, submitted by owner, Leslie Peak
Chance - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“Chance is our one year old Boxer. I saw a post on facebook, a pets page, asking for help with a 9 week old boxer with a severe heart murmur. I pmed and commented about him. His owner couldn’t afford the surgery the vet’s wanted to do and he wasn’t given a long life expectancy. She was told the surgery would be $3,000 and he would live to be a year old. She was scared he would die in front of her young child. I said I would take him. Took him to my vet 3 days after getting him and was told the murmur was severe, grade 4, and inoperable. My vet told me that he could live to be one, two, five. No one could really say. He gave me the best advice I could have asked for, love him for the time he is with you but don’t let him get fat. Will make his heart worse. This is my ONE year old (Jan. 29th was his birthday) baby boy sitting on the porch watching over everything. He is one big sweet lovebug!”


Kerk, submitted by owner Daria White:
Kerk the Horse - Shiloh Horse Rescue - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“Kerk was rescued from a slaughter auction by Shiloh Horse Rescue in Feb of 2009. He was skin and bones, filthy, tail mangled, scared and angry. No one could pet him for weeks. After he gained weight and started trusting people again, I started riding him to get him prepared for adoption. I realized he was a very special horse – beautifully saddle trained, quiet, and patient with a rider. His ground manners were terrible, but he was all business when it was time to ride. I promised Kerk if I couldn’t find him a fur-ever home, I’d take him myself. On Thanksgiving of 2010, my aunt adopted Kerk and he is now part of our herd! Kerk has come such a long way in the last 4 years. He now leads like a gentleman, we don’t even have to tie him to tack him up, and yesterday he stood on the black rubber mat at the wash rack for the first time without getting scared! Kerk loves mint flavored cookies plus neck and butt scratches. Our special guy is 28 years old with the heart of a youngster. We are so happy to give Kerk the quiet, loving home he’s always wanted!”


Raskal and Otis, submitted by owner, Donna Nixon Davis:
Raskal and Otis - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“This is Raskal (poodle) and Otis, they are both rescue pets. Raskal was put in a shelter as a baby because he had an overbite and was not “perfect”. He is the best companion ever, all he wants is someone to love him. Unfortunately, he has cataracts on both eyes, and can see very little, so I have become his “seeing eye person”. Otis’ mother abandoned him at 3 weeks old this past winter, he is the most awesome cat I have ever owned and I have had many. As you can tell by the picture, Otis and Raskal are great buddies. They are the joys of my life. :)”


Molly, submitted by owner, Laura Gee:
Molly - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel 

“This Molly. We adopted her from the St. Augustine, FL animal shelter in 2007. She was about a year old and was living at the shelter for 3 months. They said she was a stray. For the first few weeks she was very afraid of my husband. He eventually earned her trust and love with bacon…a little at a time and with lots of patience. She’s our first rescue animal and my very first dog (had cats all my life). I am now the pack leader in the house and she is the MOST loving, sweet animal you will ever meet in this lifetime, bar none! They say she’s an American Staffordshire Terrier mix (most likely mixed with pointer)…and we love her to death!!! ♥”


Maddie, submitted by owner, Lacy Lindgren:
Maddie - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“This is my Maddie. I adopted her four years ago when I was living in upstate NY. When I first met her, you couldn’t look at her. You just passed her a cookie and walked away. She had been abandoned and left to die in an empty apartment and she had been abused. For a week straight I’d go to the shelter, pass her a cookie on the way in, talk to her for a minute, and wait to see if she came up to the door. Finally by the end of the week, when I walked in, she darted up to the front of her kennel, tail wagging, waiting for me. She and I have been inseparable ever since. She saved me as much as I saved her. She’s my chicky. She has her own clothes drawer! Haha! She has her little area of goodies and her bed is covered in toys and blankets. I want her to know that nothing like that will ever happen to her again. She is so spoiled as you can see.”


Felixx, submitted by owner Shannon Price:
Felixx the Cat - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“This is Felixx. My friend who lived with me a couple years ago adopted him from the shelter that was using space in the Joliet, IL Petsmart. He became family immediately. Unfortunately my friend couldn’t keep Felixx but my boyfriend and I kept him for awhile until my boyfriends mom became his new mommy. Felixx has had a lot of medical issues lately and at one time we thought he was going to need to be put to rest, but he pulled through and is doing great! We ♥ Felixx!”


Lucy, submitted by owner, Shannon Kaleigh Redmond:
Lucy - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel
“This is Lucy. She was rescued from a puppy mill 2 weeks ago and now my family and I are proud owners of her. She is a whippet, I don’t know much about her breed but she’s a great dog. Sadly, she doesn’t know how to be a dog, or what a toy is. This breaks my heart that one can be so cruel to animals. All they want is your love.”

Samantha - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

Pet of the Day Round Up – Week of March 18

Here’s our next round of “Pets of the Day.” Every week, Don’t Be Cruel readers will meet a round up of different featured pet chosen for his/her rescue or adoption story plus a photo of their good looks. The Don’t Be Cruel staff will chose the pet with the best story and photo. You can submit a photo of your pet on the Don’t Be Cruel Facebook page. Have more than one pet? No problem. Submit as many as you can. All species of animals are accepted.

Jilly Bean, submitted by owner, Melissa Catchpole Voutour
Jilly Bean - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

My Jilly Bean! She’s a min pin/pitbull mix (25 lbs). She was in a high kill shelter in TN so a local rescue brought her up here to save her life. She went through a couple of foster homes, ran away, got adopted but ran away. She came to me so I could foster her and my 2 dogs (males) immediately fell in love with her and she loved them right back! I’ve had her for 2 years now (she’s 3) and she’s never left our sides! She chose us and our home. This is where she wanted to be. She’s the mother hen and watches over everyone in the house – canine and human! She’s also great with all of the fosters we’ve had. She teaches them the ropes! LOL

Oreo, submitted by owner, Melissa Catchpole Voutour
Oreo - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

This is Oreo! He’s my 9 yr.old shepherd/husky/terrier mix. He’s about 45 lbs and has the most gorgeous blue eyes!! (The rest of the litter all had brown eyes except for him). He was our very first dog and has been the best dog ever! He’s a great protector, a great listener and a great buddy to have when you’re sick or upset or just having a bad day. He’ll just quietly lay his head on your lap and give you his unconditional love! He likes to people watch, wrestle with his brother and sister, go on walks and take naps! He also loves to sun bathe. LOL

Jupiter, submitted by owner, Heidi Carter Adams
Jupiter - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

This is Jupiter – he came from the Central Florida Great Dane Rescue. He was also around 9 months old when we got him. His former family purchased him from a breeder as a puppy. They had never had a dog before and for some reason thought a Great Dane would make a good “first pet” for their autistic child. While Jupiter was not abused or abandoned, we do believe that he was somehow traumatized as a puppy as even now, at 3 years old, he has a fear of children. He loves our kids, but is scared to death of others! Another gentle giant we were blessed with!

Dennis, submitted by owner, Karen Eldevick
Dennis - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

This is Dennis. He was an owner give up. We adopted him when he was 14 months old, and we were already his 4th family. Poor baby just kept getting tossed around. He is now 3 1/2 and he is our clown. He is hilarious. He is a Chinese Crested/Rat Terrier/Yorkie mix.

Gwen, submitted by owner, Juana Molina Sage
Gwen - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

Happy 2nd Anniversary To us! On 3/1/2011, we rescued/adopted Gwen. It was 2 weeks before we found out our Lily had bone cancer. No one wanted to adopt Gwen because they seen her as “broken” she was treated for heartworms which left her paralyzed in her back legs and other health problems. After 3 months of therapy she was walking again. Her previous owners abandoned her at the vet. Well ,we didn’t see a “broken” dog. We seen a beautiful girl who deserved a life full of love. This precious baby will be a Sage Girl for the rest of her life. We love you, Gwen. ♥

Pip, submitted by Don’t Be Cruel Founders Jason Long and Belkis Cardona-Rivera
Pip - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

We rescued Pip when he was 6 months old after we saw an ad on Craigslist. We decided to contact his owners to set up an appointment to see the dog. We were shocked at what we saw. Pip’s previous owners had his biological parents and other siblings. Supposedly, their two adult cairn terriers weren’t spayed or neutered and mated by accident. The pups were 6 months old, weren’t vaccinated, weren’t trained and never went outside. Pip was only 4lbs, the smallest of all his littermates. We decided to take him home because he needed more love and care. Today, Pip is a healthy 16-pound Cairn Terrier. As an extra bonus, we found out that Pip was born on March 17, 2008 – the date we got married. Happy Birthday, Pip!

Samantha, submitted by owner Linda Morris
Samantha - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

#1774P, Or as I called her, Samantha. She brought me to tears and to my knees at the Ottawa-Carleton Humane Society. About a year and a half years old, underweight, and scared to death. I had to wait to take her because she was “sick”. I spoke to the techs and they said she had a very nervous stomach. The day I went to go and get her, she was in the “other room” waiting to be put down because she threw up during the night. I went up and down the receptionist like a bad rash, and got her out that day, to the vet, and she had a clear bill of health. My girl lived to nearly 15 years old. She was sent to Rainbow Bridge in August of 2004. I still miss my Sammie-Whammie. xoxo

Lily - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

Pet of the Day Round Up – Week of March 11

Here’s our second round of “Pets of the Day.” Every week, Don’t Be Cruel readers will meet a round up of different featured pet chosen for his/her rescue or adoption story plus a photo of their good looks. The Don’t Be Cruel staff will chose the pet with the best story and photo. You can submit a photo of your pet on the Don’t Be Cruel Facebook page. Have more than one pet? Squeeze them in to one picture. All species of animals are accepted.

Zeus, submitted by Shannon Christopher

Zeus - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“This is Zeus. He was 3 when we rescued him from an organization that helps place dogs from unfortunate circumstances. He was abused, kept in his kennel for extensive time periods, and was never socialized. He still has a lot of anxiety, but he is in a home with our other doberman, who has become his best friend. He is also my running partner as I train for a half marathon! We love this special guy very much, and he has taught us many lessons in flexibility and patience. I just don’t know what I would do without him.”

Lily, submitted by Susan Mitchell

Lily - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“3 days before I was supposed to move into a new house with a great big yard for my dog Duchess to play in, at the age of 15, she passed away. So here I was, in a new house, a new neighborhood, and all alone for the first time in my life. As the days went on, I knew I needed another pet. There was too much love inside of me going to waste. So, my sister took me to our local shelter, and I stopped and looked at each dog to see which one “spoke” to me. At the very last kennel, was a precious white dog, and the only one in the shelter who wasn’t barking. I knew immediately, that she was the one I wanted. Three days later, she came to her furever home. I named her “Lily” because those flowers remind me of Spring, and Easter, and rebirth. My life was starting over in my new home, and Lily was going to be a big part of it. 5 1/2 years later, I can’t imagine my life without her. She is the sweetest, most gentle creature on earth. Even my dog-phobic landlady is absolutely in love with her. We were meant to be a family. I am very blessed.”

Queenie, submitted by Catherine Cain

Queenie- Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“Our Scottish Terrier had passed away in March of ’10 and I didn’t want another dog, I was too heart broken. My daughters however wanted another one and my cousin was all too willing to help us find one. I told her that we could look so she set up a day to take us to the AWA. That day came, and 7 of us (my cousin, my 2 nieces, my two daughters, my husband and I) trooped over to look at the puppies. We were shown to the kennels and we saw Queenie. The six girls all put our fingers through the bars to call her over and give her a pet, but she didn’t budge from her corner. She looked so scared. My husband then passed the kennel and he put his fingers in. Queenie went right up to him and started to give his kisses. I knew right then that Queenie was coming home with us. We took her to play outside and visit with her, we asked the “Does she get along with cats?” question and everything worked out well. Queenie came home with us that day and she is the best thing that happened to us. We love our Queenie Bee. :)”

Maya, submitted by Kathy Burns-Fernandes

Maya - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“Meet Maya! She was a stray and trying to survive in the streets as a kitten where other cats wouldn’t even let her eat the food that was put out. She was very afraid and who knows what would have happened to her. A friend of ours asked us if we could foster her as hurricane Sandy was fast approaching NY. We already had Jamie (another rescued kitten who is only a month older) and we weren’t sure how they would get along but we said yes anyway. We couldn’t leave that poor kitten out in a hurricane! At first Jamie and Maya didn’t get along at ALL…Jamie was hissing at Maya constantly, not accepting the fact that somebody else was in HER house. We knew though, that we couldn’t put Maya back out on the street…so we patiently waited for Maya and Jamie to become friends. Thankfully, within two weeks, they were playing together and they both have become our ‘babies’!”


Bella, submitted by Krissie Cain

Bella - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“After my dog, Hershey, died we weren’t planning on getting another dog. Hershey had died suddenly and the heartache was more than we could bear. But it didn’t take long for me, at least, to realize that our house was painfully empty without a dog in it. I started begging my folks to think about getting another dog. They promised they’d think about, but I was sure they wouldn’t follow up.

On a routine trip to Pet Smart, they decided they’d ask about the store’s dog adoption. To their surprise, they were told that they had a dog in the back if my folks were interested in taking a look.

Out came Bella. The few nights before my parents had gotten there someone had tied her up to one of the carts and abandoned her. They were just waiting to see if someone came to claim her then they were going to ship her off to a shelter. Well, it was love at first sight for my parents and they agreed right away that this was our dog. I went in later the same day and felt the exact same way. Those soft brown eyes simply melted my heart!

Bella is now a perfect part of the family. We’ve had her for at least 3 years now and I can’t imagine my life without her. She was truly a blessing to us when our family needed it most.

I hope that you guys find Bella as adorable as we do. Thank you for listening to my story.”

Check out our gallery to see the beautiful pets and don’t forget to submit your pet’s photo and story.

Pantha the Cat, Audrey Dwyer owner

Pet of the Day Round Up – Week of March 4

Last week was our first Pet of the Day week! Every Monday, Don’t Be Cruel readers will meet a round up of different featured pet chosen for his/her rescue or adoption story plus a photo of their good looks. The Don’t Be Cruel staff will chose the pet with the best story and photo. You can submit a photo of your pet on the Don’t Be Cruel Facebook page. Have two pets? Squeeze them in to one picture. All species of animals are accepted.

Jayda, submitted by Sha Sha Viruet
Jayda - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“It has been one year since Jayda adopted me. She is a companion animals advocate for the State of Ohio. Jayda travels with me to peaceful rallies for Nitro’s Law. The Nitro’s Law bill “when passed” will make animal abuse a felony in Ohio. Jayda also travels to help educate the public on unfair BSL laws. When we are at home, Jayda is my BIG snuggle bear. I’ve been blessed with her in my life.”

Pantha, submitted by Audrey Dwyer
Pantha the Cat, Audrey Dwyer owner

“Pantha and I rescued each other two years ago after I lost my boy of 16 years. She is the sweetest girl not sure how she winded up in a shelter but glad we found each other. Here is my Princess Pantha Raven saying, “Are you done putting on your makeup? I want to play!”

Bailey, submitted by Gerlie Wright Ryan
Bailey - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“This is my furbaby, Bailey. We rescued her from the Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Shelter back in August of 2008. She is a pitbull/pointer mix. She had been horribly abused as a puppy but has blossomed into a beautiful, extremely loving dog. She’s my 7 year-old son’s best buddy in the world! ♥ “

Simon, submitted by Mary Rhodus-Capek
Simon - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“This is my boy, Simon. I rescued him after losing my two year old cat Beshu very suddenly with no warning. I didn’t know if I could fill that hole in my heart. My vet had a litter of kittens that someone dumped there. I went “just to look”. I said, “Let me see a little boy.” He was there with his two sisters. As soon as they handed him to me I was done! He is a joy and I feel blessed.”

Scamp, submitted by RosieBunneh’s Channel
Scamp - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“This is Scamp! He is the newest member of the furry family and he is a young Netherland dwarf Adult! My Aunty and Uncle rescued and adopted him two weeks ago.

He had been hopping loose in a street for hours, people had been trying to catch him but were unable to. My Aunty found him under a car and caught him in a carrier, where he was brought to my house for some hay and nuggets. He’s now settled into his new home and is looking forward to the long life ahead of him!”

Bruschi & Seneca, submitted by Kimberly Meyers
Bruschi and Seneca - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“These are our rescue dogs, Bruschi (dark brown/black) and Seneca (tan). Bruschi was adopted on day 4 out of 5 at a kill shelter in North Carolina when he was 7 months old. He had been in and out of shelters since he was 8 weeks old and his most recent “family” had dropped him off at this shelter because “he chews” – well, yes – he is a puppy, it’s what they do!! Adopting him from that shelter was one of the best decisions I ever made! He is an amazing dog, so loyal and SO smart! Anyone’s best guess is that he is some sort of Lab/Pit/Boxer combination and he just turned 6 in December 🙂 Seneca was adopted from a kill shelter in Tennessee. She was found as a stray and had spent almost a month in the shelter – I will always be grateful to whoever sponsored her to give us enough time to find her!! Even if you can’t take a shelter pet home, you can do so much for them!! They literally bought her time. When we met her she had so many Bruschi-like attributes that we knew we’d be getting his “sister” even if she wasn’t his littermate. I think they are pleased with our choices :)”

Stormy, submitted by Laurie Bennett
Stormy - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“This is my BABY! Her name is Stormy 🙂 In November 2006 by chance, my brother looked out a window and saw children huddled around a man-hole looking down into it. He went to see what was wrong and they discovered a puppy was trapped. He climbed down and felt little cold wet puppy paws clawing at his ankles. The fire department got there to pull her out (someone had called them to save her), but my brother said he’d take care of her. He cleaned her up and brought her to me. My mom said of course we could keep her and she’s been the light of my life ever since. She was 7 weeks old when my brother rescued her and found out she was trapped in there for 4 days during flood weather with no food or love. She’s now 6 years old and the light of my life :)”

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DogFest 2012 Was A Huge Success!

This past weekend, Open Doors founders, Ruth and Hugo Tschudin, held the 4th annual DogFest, a day of celebration for families with dogs, and a unique opportunity for adoptable pets to find their way into the hearts and homes of people who will love and appreciate them. 

The event took place in Westwood that connects with Brookside, a popular county park, via a marvelous paved walkway through the cool, shady forest. There were guest speakers, various vendors and  fun ‘n’ games for the visiting dogs.

There were plenty of adoptable pets from rescue groups like Almost Home Dog Rescue of NJ, The Last Resort Rescue, Peace4Paws, Halfway Hounds and more.

Check out our pictures from the event!

Dog at Doctor

The Pros and Cons of Pet Health Insurance

Pet insurance is something I have contemplated through out the years.  I have had my amazing 13-year-old pit bull since he was 8 weeks old and never got him on a pet insurance plan.  I’ve since lost track on how much I have spent on veterinary services (for him and my other pets who came along after him but have now passed).  I recently adopted a new dog and still have opted out on getting pet health insurance. I am neither rich nor poor, so yes it can get expensive – but I knew that when I decided to take responsibility of another living being’s life.

Don’t get me wrong – any surgery or illness that came any of my pets’ ways, I have dished out whatever it cost to bring them to a veterinarian specialist and get them well again.  Maybe I should have gotten the insurance in the first place, but the following cons outweighed the pros in my opinion.   If you are wondering whether or not to get pet insurance for your pet, take a look at the pros and cons here…


Saves you money in emergencies…

One of the reasons why it is important to get a hundeforsikring is to protect your pet from the events you don’t expect. All it takes is one emergency, such as being accidentally poisoned or a caner diagnosis, to rack up thousands of dollars in vet bills. Trust me, I’ve been through it all – with out pet insurance!

Routine check-ups and care…

Plans that cover routine care, such as yearly shots and physicals, and medications are sometimes a better deal. Those who are looking for Jobs for Vet Techs will be doing pretty much all of these tasks in the clinic.


The younger your pet, the cheaper the insurance will be.  However, it’s when our beloved pets grow old is most likely when they will need coverage most.


The plan may cost more than it’s worth…

Pet health insurance is a business. It assumes that more money will be paid in insurance premiums than will be paid out for benefits. This means that most likely you’ll pay more in the long run, especially if your pet lives a long and healthy life with few to no problems. It is up to you whether you take that risk or not.

Limitations and restrictions…

Just like human health insurance, pet insurance plans have limitations.  Some of them are – not covering pre-existing conditions, hereditary defects, or older animals.

Out-of-pocket costs…

Most pet insurance plans requires have you pay costs upfront and then file a claim to get reimbursed.

Some companies set age limits…

Pet insurance may sound good when your pet is young, but some companies have reduced coverage or won’t even cover your pet as they become a senior.

Here are some questions you should ask when considering pet health insurance:

  • “Can I choose my own vet or do they have to be part of your in-plan network?”
  • “Do you cover:”
  • Genetic conditions (hereditary/congenital)?
  • Alternative therapies (chiropractic, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, etc.)?
  • Pre-existing conditions?
  • Breeding, whelping, pregnancy?
  • Prescription drugs or food?
  • “How is reimbursement calculated?” (Actual vet bill vs. average rate for service)
  • “Can I customize my plan such as choosing my own deductible or adding/removing benefits?”
  • “Are there policy payout limits? If so, what are they and are they based on per incident, annual, or lifetime basis?”
  • “Do you exclude dogs that are fed raw food diets from your coverage?”
  • “Are there any multi-pet rates, military discounts or any other offers available?”

Source: BarfWorld