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Remembering My Loved One with the Beautiful Cades & Birch Memorial Cross

Cades & Birch memorial cross

Last time we discussed personalized pet memorial boxes from Cades & Birch. We shared with you what you can do when you loss your pet in order to honor them. However, Cades & Birch also has items for losing a human members of your family.

Even though losing a loved one is never easy, the right support and guidance can help you get through it. After my grandmother passed, I was given the most generous and thoughtful gift that helped me to remember my grandma in the most special way.

The Cades & Birch Memorial Cross has made a beautiful tribute to my grandma. The cross is made of very good quality, solid wood. I currently have it displayed in my garden, and it has held up very well in all types of weather. I loved this gift so much, that I now purchase it as a gift for others who are mourning.

The cross is available in pine, walnut, mahogany or cedar and can be personalized with a name, date or message. I love that you can choose between a flame-less candle or a flower vase. This really enhances the beauty of the cross! A photo can be added as well. I received a photo with mine and absolutely love being able to see my grandma smiling at me while I’m in the garden.

This Memorial Cross is truly one-of-a-kind. It brings tears to my eyes, but in a happy way. Thanks to Cades & Birch wonderful craftsmanship, I know I will enjoy this cross for years to come!

Memorial Cross with Flame-less Candle or Vase, Personalized for your Loved One.