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cover couch - IKEA sofa covers

CoverCouch to The Rescue

cover couch - IKEA sofa covers

When I rescued my new puppy Nutleigh, I was excited to introduce her to her forever home and family.  Nutleigh loved her living space, but like many puppies, she had a high energy level and some behavioral problems. After some training classes, we are relieved and proud to say she’s a well-mannered dog. However as pleased as we are with her improved behavior, our household still shows signs of her destructive puppy stage.

Nutleigh created one big disaster after she ripped up the upholstery on our year old IKEA EKTORP Three-seat Sofa Bed. This was upsetting since buying a new couch was out of the question due to financial reasons. I take pride in my home decor and I was heartbroken over the unsightly rip in the middle of the couch.

After venting to a neighbor she recommended I purchase a CoverCouch. As soon I viewed covercouch.com I was in awe! Covercouch.com is an entire website for personalizing furniture covers for various IKEA products, including my style couch. I was ecstatic because I could order a cover for a reasonable price and completely hide Nutleigh’s rip!

Even better, covercouch.com offers a large variety of colors and patterns. This was exciting because I began thinking of ways to put a new twist on my living room. With the winter season approaching, I began thinking of how I could make a change in my home design. I had a lot of fun exploring the site and viewing the many color schemes.

To my surprise, I was able to order free fabric samples from the website too! I had some indecisiveness on the fabric options so this feature was very helpful. Covercouch.com was amazing; The entire ordering process was efficient, service was outstanding and I was thrilled with the outcome of ‘Gaja Eggplant Fabric’ I purchased.

My couch looks brand new again and beautifully designed! The fabric is comfortable and durable. I’m glad Nutleigh kicked her bad habit and now she can enjoy snuggling on the couch with our family. It’s great to know that I can purchase a new cover in the future when I want to get creative and bring a new style to my living room. Believe it or not, Nutleigh’s bad behavior was a blessing in disguise, because without her ripping my IKEA, I may have never discovered CoverCouch!

About CoverCouch.com: We believe that interior design is an art form that involves a personal touch. Personal comfort and function are the most critical ingredients to a beautiful room. We can take care of that! We make many beautifully designed, comfortable and functional replacement covers that fit IKEA’s most popular sofas, chairs and armchairs… perfectly! Learn more at covercouch.com.

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