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Every Active Dogs Needs a Harness from Alpine Outfitters!

Urban Trail Adjustable Harness from Alpine Outfitters

Over the years I have tried numerous styled harnesses for my Labrador; however, my search came to a halt once I discovered the Urban Trail Adjustable Harness from Alpine Outfitters. It is hands down the best quality, safest and most versatile harness around!

My five-year-old lab is extremely active and we go on lots of hikes and outdoor excursions and when she gets home she enjoys sleeping on her Bobby Bed close to my bed. She’s hyper and tends to pull out of excitement, so a strong, durable harness is a must. The Urban Trail provides safety because the pulling force is on the chest as oppose to the neck. The front ring option gives me greater control over her, which helps prevent pulling. It’s extremely easy to put on and take off, and fits like a charm!

If my pup could talk, I have a feeling she would thank me for finding this harness. She gets so excited to put it on, which makes me believe it passes the comfort test! It’s made from a soft and breathable material that has held up wonderfully in all types of weather.  I’m also thankful it’s machine washable because my Lab often swims in the lake with it on. Overall, I highly recommend this harness to all dog owners. Made in the USA and definitely top-notch quality!