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Welcome Home Your New Puppy with Safe Fit™ Bully Sticks and Bully Buddy from Bow Wow Labs!

Bully sticks treats for dogs
Novato, CA – July 30 2020 – Animal shelters across the country have seen a rapid increase in pet fostering and adoption since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. People are using the stay-at-home orders as an opportunity to open their homes to shelter animals in need during this time of uncertainty. In return, pets are providing owners with a boost of love, comfort and companionship – something we all could use a little extra of right now!

If you recently adopted a puppy or plan to in the future, be sure to welcome them home with Safe Fit™ Bully Sticks from Bow Wow Labs, Inc. (BWL). Whether this is your first puppy experience or third, it’s important to remember that puppies have a natural instinct to chew anything and everything in sight! Offering a healthy and safe chew, like Safe Fit™ Bully Sticks from BWL, will help sooth their tender gums and reduce destructive chewing habits during the teething stage.

BWL’s Safe Fit™ Bully Sticks are low-odor and are sustainably sourced from free-range, grass-fed cattle that are 100% hormone free and never treated with chemicals. They are a great alternative to rawhide of manufactured chews thanks to being a premium single-ingredient treat. They also help to remove plaque and tartar which will support your pup’s dental health early on.

It’s no surprise that bully sticks are one of the most popular dog treats being sold in the USA today but as dogs chew them down, they become a choking hazard. BWL has created a solution with their groundbreaking innovation; Bully Buddy, a new safety device to prevent dogs from choking on Bully Sticks.

Bully Buddy is a durable, easy-to-use, veterinarian-vetted, and dog-approved device that tightly secures bully sticks, preventing dogs from choking on the tail-end of the treat. The tightening ring keeps bully sticks secure, and dogs can really appreciate this feature as opposed to working their paws to keep a loose bully stick in place.

Together, the Bully Buddy and its highly nutritious Safe Fit™ Bully Sticks, make a great welcome home gift for new pups. Not only will these two products keep active and curious puppies busy and occupied, they will give you the peace of mind you deserve thanks to their health and safety features.

Both Safe Fit™ Bully Stick and Bully Buddy are available in various sizes (XS-XXL) to accommodate every size dog. Be sure to visit www.bowwowlabs.com/ to view their size chart and find your “paw-fect” match! The Bully Buddy Starter Kit is also available, which will provide new dog owners with all of the BWL essentials!

About Bow Wow Labs, Inc.
The team at Bow Wow Labs is made up of a diverse group of men and women who are on a mission to keep dogs healthy, happy and safe with products and services that make life easier and fun for dogs and their owners. They offer innovative products that build lasting bonds and do it all in the name of creating happier dogs with empowered owners, maximizing the enjoyment of having a dog while minimizing many of the risks dogs encounter in everyday life.

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Kaleb's Organice Dog Treats

Four Paws Up for Kaleb’s Organics Dog Treats!

Kaleb's Organice Dog Treats

I’ve recently changed my lifestyle to a more organic, natural and healthy diet, so it only made sense to do the same for my pup, Harley. Harley can not get enough of Kaleb’s Organics Dog Treats! She’s a picky treat eater, but loves all the Kaleb’s flavors, especially the Pizza Fusion. The ingredient list is pretty top notch! No preservatives and all-natural is the way to go.

I have to admit, because they are human grade I did taste one – not bad! It feels great to treat Harley to a snack that is made right here in the USA, has numerous health benefits, and she absolutely loves and gobbles up every time. I often find Harley sitting by the cabinet where they’re stored in – It’s really ridiculous, but so cute!

I’m a cautious shopper when it comes to looking for safe, healthy and high-quality dog treats. USDA Certified Organic is an important stamp I look for when shopping. Unfortunately, there have been too many recent horror stories about treats made elsewhere. I’m proud to say Kaleb’s have become a staple in my treat pantry because of their quality. The price is great and the reaction on Harley’s face when I pull out a bag of Kaleb’s is priceless. We give these safe and yummy treats four paws up!

Website: Kaleb’s Organics