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Lily - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

Pet of the Day Round Up – Week of March 11

Here’s our second round of “Pets of the Day.” Every week, Don’t Be Cruel readers will meet a round up of different featured pet chosen for his/her rescue or adoption story plus a photo of their good looks. The Don’t Be Cruel staff will chose the pet with the best story and photo. You can submit a photo of your pet on the Don’t Be Cruel Facebook page. Have more than one pet? Squeeze them in to one picture. All species of animals are accepted.

Zeus, submitted by Shannon Christopher

Zeus - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“This is Zeus. He was 3 when we rescued him from an organization that helps place dogs from unfortunate circumstances. He was abused, kept in his kennel for extensive time periods, and was never socialized. He still has a lot of anxiety, but he is in a home with our other doberman, who has become his best friend. He is also my running partner as I train for a half marathon! We love this special guy very much, and he has taught us many lessons in flexibility and patience. I just don’t know what I would do without him.”

Lily, submitted by Susan Mitchell

Lily - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“3 days before I was supposed to move into a new house with a great big yard for my dog Duchess to play in, at the age of 15, she passed away. So here I was, in a new house, a new neighborhood, and all alone for the first time in my life. As the days went on, I knew I needed another pet. There was too much love inside of me going to waste. So, my sister took me to our local shelter, and I stopped and looked at each dog to see which one “spoke” to me. At the very last kennel, was a precious white dog, and the only one in the shelter who wasn’t barking. I knew immediately, that she was the one I wanted. Three days later, she came to her furever home. I named her “Lily” because those flowers remind me of Spring, and Easter, and rebirth. My life was starting over in my new home, and Lily was going to be a big part of it. 5 1/2 years later, I can’t imagine my life without her. She is the sweetest, most gentle creature on earth. Even my dog-phobic landlady is absolutely in love with her. We were meant to be a family. I am very blessed.”

Queenie, submitted by Catherine Cain

Queenie- Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“Our Scottish Terrier had passed away in March of ’10 and I didn’t want another dog, I was too heart broken. My daughters however wanted another one and my cousin was all too willing to help us find one. I told her that we could look so she set up a day to take us to the AWA. That day came, and 7 of us (my cousin, my 2 nieces, my two daughters, my husband and I) trooped over to look at the puppies. We were shown to the kennels and we saw Queenie. The six girls all put our fingers through the bars to call her over and give her a pet, but she didn’t budge from her corner. She looked so scared. My husband then passed the kennel and he put his fingers in. Queenie went right up to him and started to give his kisses. I knew right then that Queenie was coming home with us. We took her to play outside and visit with her, we asked the “Does she get along with cats?” question and everything worked out well. Queenie came home with us that day and she is the best thing that happened to us. We love our Queenie Bee. :)”

Maya, submitted by Kathy Burns-Fernandes

Maya - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“Meet Maya! She was a stray and trying to survive in the streets as a kitten where other cats wouldn’t even let her eat the food that was put out. She was very afraid and who knows what would have happened to her. A friend of ours asked us if we could foster her as hurricane Sandy was fast approaching NY. We already had Jamie (another rescued kitten who is only a month older) and we weren’t sure how they would get along but we said yes anyway. We couldn’t leave that poor kitten out in a hurricane! At first Jamie and Maya didn’t get along at ALL…Jamie was hissing at Maya constantly, not accepting the fact that somebody else was in HER house. We knew though, that we couldn’t put Maya back out on the street…so we patiently waited for Maya and Jamie to become friends. Thankfully, within two weeks, they were playing together and they both have become our ‘babies’!”


Bella, submitted by Krissie Cain

Bella - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

“After my dog, Hershey, died we weren’t planning on getting another dog. Hershey had died suddenly and the heartache was more than we could bear. But it didn’t take long for me, at least, to realize that our house was painfully empty without a dog in it. I started begging my folks to think about getting another dog. They promised they’d think about, but I was sure they wouldn’t follow up.

On a routine trip to Pet Smart, they decided they’d ask about the store’s dog adoption. To their surprise, they were told that they had a dog in the back if my folks were interested in taking a look.

Out came Bella. The few nights before my parents had gotten there someone had tied her up to one of the carts and abandoned her. They were just waiting to see if someone came to claim her then they were going to ship her off to a shelter. Well, it was love at first sight for my parents and they agreed right away that this was our dog. I went in later the same day and felt the exact same way. Those soft brown eyes simply melted my heart!

Bella is now a perfect part of the family. We’ve had her for at least 3 years now and I can’t imagine my life without her. She was truly a blessing to us when our family needed it most.

I hope that you guys find Bella as adorable as we do. Thank you for listening to my story.”

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