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Samantha - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

Pet of the Day Round Up – Week of March 18

Here’s our next round of “Pets of the Day.” Every week, Don’t Be Cruel readers will meet a round up of different featured pet chosen for his/her rescue or adoption story plus a photo of their good looks. The Don’t Be Cruel staff will chose the pet with the best story and photo. You can submit a photo of your pet on the Don’t Be Cruel Facebook page. Have more than one pet? No problem. Submit as many as you can. All species of animals are accepted.

Jilly Bean, submitted by owner, Melissa Catchpole Voutour
Jilly Bean - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

My Jilly Bean! She’s a min pin/pitbull mix (25 lbs). She was in a high kill shelter in TN so a local rescue brought her up here to save her life. She went through a couple of foster homes, ran away, got adopted but ran away. She came to me so I could foster her and my 2 dogs (males) immediately fell in love with her and she loved them right back! I’ve had her for 2 years now (she’s 3) and she’s never left our sides! She chose us and our home. This is where she wanted to be. She’s the mother hen and watches over everyone in the house – canine and human! She’s also great with all of the fosters we’ve had. She teaches them the ropes! LOL

Oreo, submitted by owner, Melissa Catchpole Voutour
Oreo - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

This is Oreo! He’s my 9 yr.old shepherd/husky/terrier mix. He’s about 45 lbs and has the most gorgeous blue eyes!! (The rest of the litter all had brown eyes except for him). He was our very first dog and has been the best dog ever! He’s a great protector, a great listener and a great buddy to have when you’re sick or upset or just having a bad day. He’ll just quietly lay his head on your lap and give you his unconditional love! He likes to people watch, wrestle with his brother and sister, go on walks and take naps! He also loves to sun bathe. LOL

Jupiter, submitted by owner, Heidi Carter Adams
Jupiter - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

This is Jupiter – he came from the Central Florida Great Dane Rescue. He was also around 9 months old when we got him. His former family purchased him from a breeder as a puppy. They had never had a dog before and for some reason thought a Great Dane would make a good “first pet” for their autistic child. While Jupiter was not abused or abandoned, we do believe that he was somehow traumatized as a puppy as even now, at 3 years old, he has a fear of children. He loves our kids, but is scared to death of others! Another gentle giant we were blessed with!

Dennis, submitted by owner, Karen Eldevick
Dennis - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

This is Dennis. He was an owner give up. We adopted him when he was 14 months old, and we were already his 4th family. Poor baby just kept getting tossed around. He is now 3 1/2 and he is our clown. He is hilarious. He is a Chinese Crested/Rat Terrier/Yorkie mix.

Gwen, submitted by owner, Juana Molina Sage
Gwen - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

Happy 2nd Anniversary To us! On 3/1/2011, we rescued/adopted Gwen. It was 2 weeks before we found out our Lily had bone cancer. No one wanted to adopt Gwen because they seen her as “broken” she was treated for heartworms which left her paralyzed in her back legs and other health problems. After 3 months of therapy she was walking again. Her previous owners abandoned her at the vet. Well ,we didn’t see a “broken” dog. We seen a beautiful girl who deserved a life full of love. This precious baby will be a Sage Girl for the rest of her life. We love you, Gwen. ♥

Pip, submitted by Don’t Be Cruel Founders Jason Long and Belkis Cardona-Rivera
Pip - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

We rescued Pip when he was 6 months old after we saw an ad on Craigslist. We decided to contact his owners to set up an appointment to see the dog. We were shocked at what we saw. Pip’s previous owners had his biological parents and other siblings. Supposedly, their two adult cairn terriers weren’t spayed or neutered and mated by accident. The pups were 6 months old, weren’t vaccinated, weren’t trained and never went outside. Pip was only 4lbs, the smallest of all his littermates. We decided to take him home because he needed more love and care. Today, Pip is a healthy 16-pound Cairn Terrier. As an extra bonus, we found out that Pip was born on March 17, 2008 – the date we got married. Happy Birthday, Pip!

Samantha, submitted by owner Linda Morris
Samantha - Pet of the Day - Don't Be Cruel

#1774P, Or as I called her, Samantha. She brought me to tears and to my knees at the Ottawa-Carleton Humane Society. About a year and a half years old, underweight, and scared to death. I had to wait to take her because she was “sick”. I spoke to the techs and they said she had a very nervous stomach. The day I went to go and get her, she was in the “other room” waiting to be put down because she threw up during the night. I went up and down the receptionist like a bad rash, and got her out that day, to the vet, and she had a clear bill of health. My girl lived to nearly 15 years old. She was sent to Rainbow Bridge in August of 2004. I still miss my Sammie-Whammie. xoxo