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Protect Your Pup’s Paws from Winter, Snow and Chemicals!

Protect your pups paws from winter

Winter can be a tough season for dogs. Freezing temperatures, snow and ice can cause chapped paws and itchy skin. Toxic chemical agents and ice melting salt on the sidewalks and roads are also hard on paw pads. Not to mention, these chemicals can be dangerous if ingested.

A scary reality…  According to Accuweather.com, if a dog ingests less than 1 ounce of sodium chloride per 2.3lbs of their body weight, they could die. That means a dog that weighs 4 pounds would only need to eat 2 ounces of ice melt with sodium chloride for it to be fatal. In addition, most ice-melt products contain sodium chloride or calcium chloride, which can irritate a dog’s paw or be harmful if they ingest it.

Here are a few paw safety tips to keep in mind as you conquer the winter outdoors with your four-legged friend!

Regular Grooming –The first step is to make sure your dog’s paws are winter ready. One way to do so is by grooming. If you have a long-haired dog, it’s important to trim their feet regularly throughout the winter to minimize the clinging of ice balls, salt and ice-melting chemicals.

Regular Cleaning – Keep a bowl of warm water near the inside of your entry door so that you can easily rinse their paws after an outing. A towel for drying is a must too! Rinsing, drying and carefully wiping their feet will help prevent chemicals from drying onto their skin. It’s also a great way to avoid tracking chemicals into the home.

Be Sensitive – Remember that cold, sore and blistered paws can feel incredibly uncomfortable for your dog. This could really put your pup in a bad mood! Make sure to always handle their precious paws with gentleness and care.

Protective Wear – A great way to protect your dog’s paws in the winter is to use dog booties; or for the ultimate level of protection try dog leggings! Walkee Paws created the world’s first dog leggings, and since launching in November 2018, customers have reaped the many benefits of this one-of-a-kind accessory during the cold and snowy season.

Designed with durable, four-way stretch fabric and waterproof rubber soles, Walkee Paws protects your pooch from harsh elements and prevent the many germs, chemicals and allergens they pick up from entering your home. Not only do they protect paws, but they cover Fido’s legs as well for maximum warmth and protection.

Features of Walkee Paws Dog Leggings Include:

  • 4-Way Stretch Fabric: With water-resistant technology for dry legs
  • Over-the-Back Design: Featuring 2 adjusters for a paw-fect fit
  • Loose Ankle Fit: For maximum canine comfort
  • Waterproof Booties: With grippies for traction

Walkee paws - booties for dogs

Walkee Paws Dog Leggings make a pretty bold fashion statement too! They come in several fashion-forward prints such as the checkered Classic, the fun and vibrant Confetti, the sophisticated Cocoa, the bad-to-the-bone Skulls, the head-over-paws in love Hearts, and the sporty Camo. Although they’re the ideal accessory for winter months, Walkee Paws Dog Leggings can also be worn year-round. In warm weather, they prevent hot-pavement burns and give lawn chemicals, allergens and ticks the boot.

Dogs and their owners alike have fallen in love with these waterproof accessories, so make sure to grab your pup a pair before conquering the final snowstorms of the year! Learn more at: https://walkeepaws.com/.

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